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• 6/9/2017

7 Days to Die

Many items in 7 Days need pages, it would be helpful to have a list of those things in order to keep everything organized.
So far I have:

Pleasure Shire
Pleasure Town
Ho Motel
Pea Factory



Also, I don't think we should have references to the evilverse or the lore in the seasons before ep 103, it is not ever mentioned, nor was it planned. Any references by Aaron and Emre were just coincidences. They started this series as a way to have a series that required little to no editing, therefore I don't think it should seem like a lead up to the evilverse and like this was the plan the entire time.
The only seasons that should have references to the evilverse would be 103-118 because Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort had the void, 140-151 because that was the season that lead to the evilverse, Aaron and Emre going into the time machine and going into an alternate dimension, and obviously, 152-ongoing.
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• 7/3/2017
"Evilverse" is official.
• 7/4/2017
Great! Thanks John!
• 9/15/2017
I have a suggestion to naming the 7 Days to Die pages. Since most of the seasons are grouped by versions (like Alpha 14), the page names could be something like "7 Days to Die Alpha 14." It would simplify addressing the arbitrary "seasons" and it would be easier to identify in search results. I'm willing to put in the time to change all of the season references with "Alpha #" and I will be careful not to trample over the work you have done. I also recognize that there are two parts to Alpha 15 and I think we can just title that as "7 Days to Die Alpha 15 – Part 1" and "7 Days to Die Alpha 15 – Part 2." If there are no objections, I will go ahead proceed with what I've just outlined.
• 9/15/2017
I dunno, I think the fact that Alpha 15 spans two very distinct seasons throws a wrench in that plan. Personally, my preference has been to just go ahead and call a season a season, ignoring that they aren't officially organized that way.
• 9/15/2017
That makes sense JWM. I'll keep everything the way it is.

I'll probably make a few redirect pages just in case users try to search by seasons, "alphas," or episode range and not "7 Days to Die 152," "7 Days to Die 176," etc.

Thanks for your input!
• 10/11/2017
Hey all, a little update on my plans. I'm currently 3 episodes away from completing my work on Season 6 of 7DTD, which I'll probably finish within the next day or two. That brings me to Season 7 and the introduction of the supporting cast. I've generally been avoiding work on Seasons 7-9 - they present some unique challenges - and for the moment I've decided to jump ahead to Season 10, get that current, and then go back and work through 7-9. Season 10 is pretty simple to cover, so I should be able to get caught up relatively quickly, and then stay up to date week-by-week while I work through the Big Three (which are the three seasons in most need of the wiki treatment to begin with). :)
• 10/12/2017
Holy wow, that is awesome!
Would it be easier for you to make a new page for each episode? That is how the Skyrim for Pimps wiki has it set up. The Big 3 are going to have huge season pages, and it might be easier to read and work with if it were split up between episodes rather than seasons. I'm not sure if that would make even more work for you though.
Just an idea, if you like it, let me know and I can show you how to add a page or add pages myself and leave them orphaned until they are filled in.
• 10/12/2017
I'm amazed at the pace that you've worked at and blown away by the attention to detail you put in to the "tropes." Thanks for the update, JWM. I'm already looking forward to the recap on the Alpha 16 videos!

I like Megan's idea. You could really do interesting things by having a whole page to an episode. You wouldn't be constrained to an episode box and it might make editing easier in the long run. I don't mind the current set up but don't be hesitant to change things up a bit. That's what I did in the beginning and I can't speak for Megan but she did take up the leadership role. We trust you.

If you have any ideas you want to try out, please feel free to write them out here. I can help with the grunt work.

Really appreciate the work!
• 10/12/2017
Oh, I don't think individual pages are needed (for this series). To be honest, there's plenty of episodes that wouldn't really support that sort of focus. As for the size of the "big three" season's pages, I think I can avoid letting them get too unwieldy, since every character has their own page to offset info onto. I expect them to eventually end up being about as long as other seasons, on a scale with Seasons 2 and 3, say. I *might* eventually request a specific page for the Evilverse, I think, where the main focus would be to compile the patchwork revelations in a coherent backstory for that world (similar to the backstories for Aaron and Emre on their individual pages). Side note: I'm also kinda thinking that God should get split off to "his" own page from the Minor Characters page, just due to sheer length. Literally make a new page and cut-n-paste the God entry from one to the other, I mean.
• 10/12/2017
Sounds good!

And yeah, feel free to go ahead and make new pages. Templates that should be used on those pages are and but they aren't necessary.

If you need any help, tell us.
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