Aaron Yonda, Emre Cihangir, and Adam Koralik often torture themselves by playing "Little Girl" games, such as Barbie, Monster High, and a cheer-leading game. They often make fun of the awful graphics and the inclusion of a second-player when it is just a circle of light or the screen is a blue void.

Aaron and Emre have created mainly Barbie upsides and have even included commentary from Barbie herself. Aaron got a Hello Barbie doll so that she could comment with them on the video games. Aaron talks to her and she asks him questions. She basically ignores all the cursing and when he says his imaginary horse died on their imaginary horse ride, the doll malfunctioned.

Fans of GameSocietyPimps have paid money for Aaron and Emre to be tortured by some of these Little Girl Games. In fact, one of the fans, Brett Thomas (Bwett), paid money for them to play the Kinect game "Let's Cheer!" again, but while wearing cheerleader outfits.

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