Emre and Aaron hilariously play the game 7 Days to Die as unrelatable yet somehow irresistible characters surviving day after day in a zombie apocalypse. Emre plays as a religious zealot, a former Sunday School teacher who takes pleasure in punishing kids for throwing water balloons. Aaron plays as a hedonistic scientist, responsible for causing the zombie apocalypse in the first place. Through the series we witness the friendship and rivalry of this unlikely duo.

The series is currently on Episodes 152 - Ongoing.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

Aaron (7 Days to Die)
Emre (7 Days to Die)

Supporting Characters Edit

SP Cakes (Season 3 & 7)
medhathobo (Season 3 & 7)
The Jade Grue (Season 3)
JWM (Season 7 - ongoing)
Kaydalyn (Season 7 - ongoing)
metastergo (Season 7 - ongoing)
Graskull (Season 7 - ongoing)
Epsilon One (Elfilon) (Season 7 - ongoing)
Bwett and Bewt T (Season 7 - ongoing)

Seasons Edit

Unlike Game Society's other narrative series, such as Skyrim For Pimps and Fallout For Pimps, the 7 Days to Die series is not explicitly divided into discrete seasons. However, every time the game undergoes a major update from one alpha release to the next, Aaron and Emre's save files generally cannot carry over, forcing them to conclude their current scenario and start from scratch in a new region. Thus, each alpha does add new elements and effectively creates its own narrative arc. Each "season" may also be implicitly marked by a unique credits sequence.

Please note that the way these seasons are grouped is in no way official, and is presented here purely for convenience. The seasons are roughly as follows.

Season 1: Episode 1 - 23 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 1 - 23)

Alpha 8. Emre and Aaron encounter each other in post-apocalyptic Navezgane County, Arizona and slowly develop their personas as a religious zealot and a mad scientist, respectively. Together they establish their first major base, the Pea Factory.

Season 2: Episode 24 - 49 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 24 - 49)

Alpha 9. After a year-long break from each other, Emre and Aaron coincidentally meet in a little town and decide to make up and travel together again. They eventually settle at what they call "Ho Motel" in the desert but things turn for the worse. The season ends with a Thanksgiving celebration.

Season 3: Episode 50 - 71 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 50 - 71)

Alpha 10. Emre and Aaron finally encounter other survivors! Unfortunately, the new arrivals prove to be powerful foes, including the notorious SP Cakes.

Season 4: Episode 72 - 83 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 72 - 83)

Alpha 11. The new season starts with the end of the war against SP Cakes' friends in Alpha 10, then switches over to Alpha 11. This is the season where Aaron and Emre are met by a voice claiming to be God (voiced by Adam Koralik) who hates them and sends his minions to destroy them.

Season 5: Episode 84 - 102 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 84 - 102)

Alpha 12. Aaron goes on a quest to build a mini-bike and leads Emre to the lab where he first created the zombie virus. Aaron also seeks absolution from Jesus for starting the zombie apocalypse.

Season 6: Episode 103 - 118 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 103 - 118)

Alpha 13. The new season starts with Aaron and Emre tearing down the skyscraper, giving up, and running away. Aaron and Emre explore the new buildings and try to survive the brutal changing weather.

Season 7: Episode 119 - 139 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 119 - 139)

Alpha 14.[1] Emre and Aaron travel through "the Void" back to Navezgane and build Pleasure Town to accommodate future residents. Soon enough new survivors, dedicated Game Society fans, arrive at the radio tower in Pleasure Town.

Season 8: Episode 140 - 151 Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 140 - 151)

Alpha 15. Aaron, Emre, and the other survivors split into two groups. Team Aaron attempts to master time travel and find the secret to immortality. Team Emre attempts to infiltrate, take down, and steal from Team Aaron while making plans to summon God.

Season 9: Episode 152 - Ongoing Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die (Episode 152 - Ongoing)

Alpha 15. Emre and Aaron travel through Aaron's time machine to Day 660. Discovering that Pleasure Shire has been destroyed, mutants roam the land, and science itself has seemingly gone mad, they wander alone again, eventually discovering that they've entered a doomed parallel timeline, including twisted versions of familiar folk. Meanwhile, the supporting cast continues to appear in their original incarnations in Pleasure Shire vignettes throughout the season.

Live action Edit

Main article: 7 Days to Die In Real Life

Aaron and Emre star in the live action version of 7 Days to Die. This is an in house production directed by Aaron, Adam, and Emre based off of the series. In the two episodes released to date, they act out how some of the scenes from the main series would look if they took place in real life.

Forts and Residences Edit

These are some places Emre and Aaron have called "home" in chronological order.

  • Pea Factory (Season 1)
  • Ho Motel (Season 2)
  • Fort Titanic (Season 3)
    • Casa de Sex Palace
    • Christ Tower
  • Ultra-Heaven (Season 4)
  • Dorm Shack (Season 5)
  • Kill Grille (Season 5)
  • Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort (Season 6)
  • Snow Mansion (Season 6)
  • Pleasure Town (Season 7)
    • Super Church
  • Pleasure Shire (Season 8)
  • Hardcore Mordor (Season 8)

Editing Styles Edit

Aaron and Emre initially create the series as a simple let's play that will, unlike Skyrim for Pimps, require minimal editing to produce, allowing them to release episodes more frequently. True to their nature, however, they soon slip into roleplaying and storytelling. The complexity of the series builds gradually, ramping up with the introduction of the supporting cast in Season 7. The addition of supporting cast POVs in Season 8 continues the upward trend, which crests in the narrative focus of Season 9.

In Season 10 (Alpha 16), the show is expected to go back to basics.

Recurring Themes Edit

Aaron Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Booster: Aaron loves building, fortifying, and beautifying the bases he and Emre occupy. Once he lays claim to a fort, he often doggedly refuses to surrender it to enemies or zombie invasions. Only Aaron is allowed to destroy Aaron's home!
  • Aaron the Bunker Buster: Aaron often ends up destroying any forts he and Emre create, sometimes to relive sexual frustration, and usually at the end of a season.
  • Aaron the Creeper: Aaron is obsessed with having sex with Emre, who is totally against it. To be fair, Aaron's obsessed with having sex with just about everything else, too.
  • Aaron the Expert: Aaron is generally well-versed in both playing the game and in surviving the zombie apocalypse.
  • Aaron the Nature Lover: Aaron loves trees. And by loves, we mean loves.
  • Aaron the Prankster: Aaron often tricks Emre to his own benefit or plays practical jokes at Emre's expense.
  • Aaron the Proper Host: When Aaron does have a permanent base, he likes to establish specific rules of hospitality for his guests (including Emre).
  • Aaron the Scientist: Aaron created the zombie virus that wiped out humanity. He appears to be a mad savant with a talent for producing bizarre scientific inventions, despite having very little concrete grasp of scientific or mathematical principles.
  • Aaron vs. Gravity: If there is a hole within a mile of Aaron, he will fall into it and break his leg.
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations: Aaron sometimes sees bizarre glitches that Emre cannot see.
  • Aaron vs. Morality: Aaron is thoroughly amoral and believes that the zombie apocalypse represents a "fresh start" for everyone who survived. Thus, nothing anyone did prior to the apocalypse (including being directly responsible for it, as Aaron is) should be counted against them. Emre's vicious smacking of a Sunday school student is a marked exception.
  • Pie Bangers: Aaron is sexually obsessed with blueberry pies, on rate occasion even badgering Emre into indulging in his kink as well.

Emre Edit

  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies: Emre often dismisses the threat posed by zombies, sometimes just minutes before they slaughter him.
  • Emre is Squishy: Emre dies so often that his maximum health often bottoms out, leading to yet more deaths.
  • Emre the Bleeder: Emre often fails to notice when he's bleeding or taking environmental damage, accepting bizarre rationalizations (like invisible dogs) for his surprise deaths.
  • Emre the Cave Explorer: Emre loves smashing rocks, mining, and digging tunnels.
  • Emre the Fashionista: Emre loves trying on and showing off any new clothes he acquires, with just one exception...
  • Emre the Noob: Emre often needs to be taught (or reminded) about basic concepts of playing the game or life in the post-zombie apocalypse.
  • Emre vs. Bees: Mutant "buh-buh-buh-bees" (hornets) prefer to attack Emre, sometimes passing by Aaron to get to him. They often take him by surprise, too.
  • Emre vs. Morality: Emre believes that he and Aaron are being punished for their sins, but generally the only failing he recognizes within himself is his abetting of Aaron's behavior. Sometimes, Emre even theorizes that he and Aaron are literally in Hell or Purgatory.
  • The Gospel According to Emre: Emre is a former Sunday School teacher and ridiculously repressive religious zealot. He often twists or invents Biblical scripture (or VeggieTales episodes) to justify whatever point he's arguing at any given moment.
  • Turrets Syndrome: Emre has a long-term (and until Alpha 16, impossible) dream of fortifying his base with machine gun turrets.

The Post-Apocalypse Edit

  • Campfire Tales: Aaron and Emre often spend the long, dangerous nights telling each other stories about their pre-apocalyptic lives.
  • Gaslighting Supply Drops: The planes flying overhead often air drop insultingly useless supplies, leading Aaron and Emre to the firm belief that whomever is organizing the flights is actively messing with them.
  • Other Survivors: Aaron and Emre often fantasize about finding other survivors and starting new settlements, which tends to go disastrously awry whenever they actually do. The series gains a regular supporting cast in Seasons 7 - 9.
  • Pit Stops: Survivors love driving mini-bikes, but often get them stuck in various holes and pits. This fate usually befalls Aaron.
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes: Aaron and Emre pick up a recurring nemesis, the silent SP Cakes, who is either incredibly powerful or just a dirty PVP cheater.
  • Zombies: Lest we forget, there are also billions of flesh-eating zombies shambling around, causing Aaron and Emre the occasional spot of bother. Zombie dogs are particularly dangerous, and for some reason sound just like swooping T.I.E. Fighters when slain.

The Game Edit

  • Blood Moons: Every seven game-days, a feral horde of zombies attacks Aaron and Emre wherever they are, sometimes to disastrous results.
  • Building the Fourth Wall: Aaron and Emre often invent in-character rationalizations for game glitches or features. This includes Aaron "hallucinating" glitches, lag being explained as blinding headaches, various rationales for how Aaron and Emre can always hear each other, and even their inability to stay dead (see below).
  • Immortality: The fact that (as players of the game) Aaron, Emre, and most other survivors they encounter cannot permanently die becomes a recurring point of debate and discussion.
  • Ladder Control Problems: Whether placing them, falling off them, or forgetting to block them off, Aaron and Emre have a lot of trouble with ladders.
  • Landmine Your Own Business/Mind the Spikes: Aaron and Emre tend to forget about their own defenses and/or take damage from them.
  • They Delved Too Greedily And Too Deep: Aaron and Emre sometimes worry that digging too deep into the world will unleash supernatural threats, be it a Balrog or a rift into the Void (see below).
  • The Void: "The Void" (literally Aaron's term for the empty space underneath the game map, which is occasionally visible due to game glitches) slowly draws focus as a netherworld between parallel dimensions.

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