This is an overview of episodes 50 to 71 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The new season starts due to the Alpha 10 update. After entering a strange subterranean chamber at the end of the previous season, Aaron and Emre mysteriously find themselves in a new wilderness, having lost all of their gear and some of their memories. They choose to blame the memory wipe on the drugs Aaron had slipped into their Thanksgiving meal.

After holing up in a series of temporary refuges, Aaron and Emre establish a new base atop an island spire at the edge of a large lake. They finally encounter another survivor, a mysterious woman called SP Cakes who quickly proves to be antagonistic and deadly. A lengthy and destructive battle against SP Cakes leaves Aaron and Emre's island base in ruins, so the pair spend several harrowing days attempting to scavenge for supplies.

Eventually, Aaron and Emre encounter a new pair of survivors, medhathobo and The Jade Grue. Assuming the newcomers to be in league with SP Cakes, Aaron and Emre go on the offensive, spending the rest of the season engaged in a grueling siege on the strangers' fort.

Season 3 Death Count Edit

  • Aaron: 37
  • Emre: 41 (he also claims to have died an additional 16 times between episodes while building Fort Titanic)
  • SP Cakes: 16+

Characters Edit

  • Aaron - Mad Scientist
  • Emre - Religious Zealot
  • SP Cakes - Mysterious nemesis
  • medhathobo - Suspected ally of SP Cakes
  • The Jade Grue - Suspected ally of SP Cakes

Forts Edit

Dumpster Edit

  • Utilized in Episodes 50 (Memory Wipe) and 51 (Cliff of Death).
  • Due to AI pathing problems, a trash dumpster surrounded by a wooden fence briefly becomes an invincible fortress.

The Island (a.k.a. The Tower of Solitude) Edit

  • Introduced in Episode 55 (Nasty Night Nurse), when Aaron spots the island and immediately plans to fortify it. Fully constructed in Episode 56 (New Base).
  • A natural spire almost completely surrounded by deep water. Aaron and Emre built a wooden fort atop the spire (preserving an existing tree), accessible only by ladder. The bottom of the spire was fortified with reinforced wood walls and surrounded by a ring of spikes.
  • Where Aaron develops his fascination with growing trees on top of his home. (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • Blown up by SP Cakes and further damaged (accidentally) by Emre.

Fort Titanic Edit

  • Fort Titanic is arguably the most epic fort Aaron and Emre have personally built during the series. Ironically, after being introduced in Episode 68 (Fort Titanic), it is never seen again after the opening minutes of Episode 69 (Fort F*ckers).
  • Like Pleasure Town in Season 7 (Episodes 119 - 140), Aaron and Emre have individual residences within the fort's curtain walls.
    • Christ Tower: Emre's base consists of a massive scrap metal tower. A narrow staircase winds perilous around the tower's unlit, hollow interior, turning the entire structure into a death trap for intruders.
    • Casa de Sex Palace: Aaron's base.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh, fuck, there goes a pork on legs. A pork chop on legs." - Aaron "A pork on legs? A pig." - Emre "C'mere, pork chop!" - Aaron "They're called pigs." - Emre "C'mere, Porky." - Aaron (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
  • "Whoever wiped your memory should have gotten rid of the stupid parts." - Emre "That's harsh, dude. I'm going to go cry in a garbage pile." - Aaron (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
  • "Hey! Hey, you wanna come over here? There's a zombie dick poking through the fence; you can suck it." - Emre "Okay, I'm not interested. That's really... fuck you." - Aaron (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
  • "Put some pants on!" - Aaron "First thing I'm doing is I'm finding a building with pants." - Emre "Yes! Find a building full of pants, please!" - Aaron "A pants building. A pants store." - Emre (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
  • "You're going to wear those damn pants." - Aaron "Okay, fine. Give me your used, gross pants." - Emre "I didn't use them that much." - Aaron "They're probably covered in feces and zombie blood." - Emre "Well, yeah, there is a little bit of feces, and there's some blood and stuff." - Aaron (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
  • "Dude. What the fuck - I had hair. Did you drug me and, like, shave my head?" - Aaron "No! I don't do that kind of shit." - Emre "Did I drug me and shave my head?" - Aaron "Yeah, probably. That seems a lot more likely." - Emre (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
  • "What better deal can you have as, you know, a post-apocalyptic woman than having sex with a fat guy, and then getting Sham out of it? Sounds like a great deal!" - Emre (Episode 53 - Rug Man)
  • "Dying is really bad. Do you understand how bad it is? Because, I'm just not healthy now." - Aaron (Episode 53 - Rug Man)
  • "How's that [safe] coming? You almost done?" - Emre "Done. I just found a bunch of filth, and now we're leaving." - Aaron "Oh... fuck! Really? I had high hopes for that one." - Emre "Nope! It was full of fuck! It was a safe full of fuck. The fuck was safe inside." - Aaron "It was a fuck safe!" - Emre "Yeah, it was a fuck safe." - Aaron (Episode 54 - Zombie Beer Run)
  • "I don't want to fall through the floor, so I'm just going to back away... I'm going to go sit in my bed and cry." - Aaron (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • "Wait, why did you - how did I kill you? I was just swinging my axe at zombies!" - Emre "Yeah, you swung your axe back at my face and killed me." - Aaron "Ugh. All right. Well, y'know, maybe you should stop sucking. How about that?" - Emre (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • "Dude. If we can't even save a pig, how can we protect a whole colony of people?" - Emre (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • (Dreamily ogling a nurse zombie from above) "My gosh... cleavage..." - Emre "Okay, dude, you should probably get productive-" - Aaron "There's no way that those boobs are real. Just absolutely no way. They - they - this chick must have silicon breast implants, and her body is, like, kind of dissolving around them. (giggles) Eventually, she's just going to be walking around with, like, she's just going to be a pair of boobs. With, like, decayed flesh." - Emre "That'll be all that's left of her." - Aaron "Yeah, that's all that's left!" - Emre "Walking... walking tits. The Walking Tits." - Aaron "Oh, that could be a porn. A Walking Dead-themed porn. 'Carl! Carl! I'm coming, Carl!'" - Emre (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • "God, you know, I hope this wasteland doesn't start encroaching upon our little paradise over here, y'know, like the Nothing in Neverending Story." - Aaron "Oh. Right. I never saw The Neverending Story." - Emre "Well, that means - I guess that pretty much cinches it: you are evil." - Aaron (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • "I'm not an idiot." - Emre "Yeah. You're not an idiot." - Aaron "I'm not an idiot!" - Emre "Yeah. Just keep saying that to yourself, and then eventually it might come true." - Aaron (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • "Why can't I chop [down this tree]? Why?!?" - Emre "Because it just is cool, okay? I'm gonna - this is like Middle Earth. This is like our Hobbit tower." - Aaron "All right. So... we're gonna - it's like the Green Tree of Gondor." - Emre "Yeah, exactly." - Aaron "I mean the White Tree of Gondor, but green." - Emre "Yeah. It's the - whatever! It's the fuckin' Tree! Of Gondor." - Aaron (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • "So, over here, you've got this awesome tree, which just sort of makes it like a real reminder that, y'know, nature and us... we're all buddies. We all live together." - Aaron "Right. Okay. It just kind of is in the way. Not gonna lie." - Emre "No, no." - Aaron "It's just in my face." - Emre "It's a reminder." - Aaron "There's gonna be bugs, like, you're gonna be sleeping around here, and there's fuckin' bugs are gonna fall out of the - and shit!?! Bird shit!?!" - Emre "Okay, well-" - Aaron "You ever think about that?" - Emre (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • "This is going to be a couch for sitting out and looking.. and staring moodily over the expanse." - Aaron (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
  • "Go chop down a tree and let's make a ladder." - Aaron "Well, I'm glad I brought a Goddamn fire axe and didn't listen to you totally." - Emre "That was smart, actually. That was extremely smart." - Aaron "I am extremely smart! You said it!" - Emre (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
  • "Oh, fuck, a zombie." - Emre "No, I don't want to fuck a zombie. I found someone I want to fuck." - Aaron (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
  • "We should retreat to the base." - Aaron "Oh God. Oh yeah. Right." - Emre "We're just out in the open here. We're like peckers on a pecker hunt." - Aaron "We're like pimples on a pimply dick." - Emre "Yeah. What? Gross." - Aaron (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • "We've angered some sort of war machine, man." - Aaron (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • "I'm pretty sure that [SP Cakes] would be good for procreation." - Aaron "Probably. She's gotta have really great genes. For sure." - Emre "Yeah, Exactly. So... -and she's got a really great ass, as well." - Aaron "She's got great ass genes." - Emre (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • "Let's meet up in the living room. Yeah, this is the living room." - Emre "This is the living room? Why would this be the living room?" - Aaron "I dunno. 'Cause this is where we lived... when we really should have died... when that bitch attacked us." - Emre "Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • (Moments after Emre is killed by landmines) "Okay, I think I see your backpack? You said there was mines, though." - Aaron "Yes." - Emre "There's like holes in th-AHH!!! SHIT!" (steps on a landmine and dies) - Aaron (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • "Well, I'm sure the landmines were the worst part. I mean, how bad could this possibly be?" - Emre "Oh God, don't even say that." - Aaron "Do not touch the landmines." - Emre "Don't. Even. Go there." - Aaron (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • "I didn't tell you, like, why I'm laying down these sleeping bags." - Aaron "Tell me." - Emre "I'm gonna give her one last chance to sleep with me. Okay, wait, that's not true. I'm going give her sixty or seventy last chances to sleep with me. In these sleeping bags." - Aaron (Episode 60 - Zombies and Manhood)
  • "No one blows up our home except for me!" - Aaron
  • "You know, we're going to have to find, like, someplace for me to just sit around and eat, like, all day, so that I can regain some of my Wellness, 'cause I am a squishy little fucker right now." - Emre

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Booster, Part 1: Aaron dreams of building a really big, above-ground base with multiple buildings that will draw in other survivors to live with them in a safe community (featuring lots of ladies and orgies). (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: The moment Aaron lays eyes on an island in the middle of a large lake, he nearly hyperventilates with excitement as he imagines the fort he and Emre could build there. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
    • Part 3: Aaron is highly defensive of the Island during the battle with SP Cakes, typically sending Emre out to fight her while he takes point atop the fort. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Aaron the Bunker Buster: Aaron doesn't destroy a single fort he and Emre build this season. SP Cakes destroys the Island, and Fort Titanic survives unharmed. Instead, Aaron and Emre work together to lay waste to the forts built by SP Cakes, medhathobo, and The Jade Grue.
    • Part 5: SP Cakes inflicts serious damage to the Island. Aaron proposes that he and Emre find her fort and destroy it in turn. (Both to drive her off and to seize her "massive stockpile" of supplies.) (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Aaron the Creeper, Part 1: Emre blames the partial amnesia affecting Aaron and himself on Aaron's backfiring attempt to date-rape him. Later, Aaron makes it about 30 seconds past seeing a mostly naked Emre for the first time and pestering him for hugs. He's willing to settle for Emre hugging him just with his butt. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: Aaron promises/threatens to blow Emre's balls off, "Either with a shotgun or with my mouth." (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
    • Part 3: When Aaron and Emre each find beer, Aaron suggests that they should spend the night kicking back and enjoying a cold one. Aaron immediately lets slip his plan to get Emre drunk and take advantage of him. "In a purely friendly way." (Episode 54 - Zombie Beer Run)
    • Part 4: On Day 7, Aaron suggests they go home, have a beer, put out some chairs, and have Emre suck his dick. Emre tells him to find a pig instead - "The kinda like it." Aaron insists he isn't interested. (Episode 57 - Endless Nightmare)
    • Part 5: Lamenting that SP Cakes has chosen to go to war against Emre and himself rather than restart the human race, Aaron insists that his "seed is strong," and that since SP Cakes is "some sort of war machine," she must be good for procreation. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Aaron the Expert: Aaron knows that zombies can't break the block plugging the top of a ladder because they're too stupid. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Aaron the Nature Lover: When Aaron and Emre start building the Island fort, Aaron insists that a lone tree growing atop the spire be spared, due to being the coolest part of their fort. He even orders Emre to "repair" the one swing he took at it with an axe before Aaron stopped him. (Episode 56 - New Fort)
  • Aaron the Prankster: Aaron hopes to Emre drunk and pull that "hilarious prank where you pull a guy's pants down and you put your mouth over his dick." Emre doesn't think that's a prank, but when he correctly identifies the "prank" as giving a guy a blowjob while he's asleep, Aaron supposes that Emre must be familiar with the technique. (Episode 54 - Zombie Beer Run)
  • Aaron the Proper Host: When he and Emre use a small shop as their temporary camp, Aaron slips into the role of the shop's proprietor while mopping up zombies. "I'm sorry, sir, the sale's over. We had a sale on Emre and Aaron meat, but that's over now. There was quite a rush." (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Aaron vs. Gravity, Part 1: Seconds after Emre jumps out a window without harm to escape a zombie-infested house, the floor collapses under Aaron, dumping him into a horde of zombies that immediately tears him apart. (Episode 53 - Rug Man)
    • Part 2: Aaron breaks his leg after accidentally falling off the Island base. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
    • Part 3: As Aaron and Emre leave the Island fort, gung-ho to go take the fight to SP Cakes, Aaron falls off the ladder and breaks his leg. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations, Part 1: Aaron sees Emre naked for just a split second. He laughs it off with, "I think I must have been dreaming." (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
    • Part 2: Aaron sees a pair of female zombies emerge from the corner of a cabin (like hounds of Tindalos). When he shotguns them, the head of one zombie appears to detach and perch itself on a windowsill. "Something creepy is going on this cabin, I do not care for it at all." (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • Aaron & Emre vs. Tolkien: Aaron and Emre are both Lord of the Rings nerds. When Aaron becomes smitten with a tree growing atop their island base, he likens it to a "Hobbit tower." Emre compares it to the "White Tree of Gondor, but green." Portentously, Aaron responds with, "For you it'd be the Tree of Mordor, because that's where you're from." (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies: Aaron convinces Emre not to wander out into the night in search of clay. Minutes later, he has to talk an impatient Emre out of jumping down into a mob of frenzied zombies to fight them (and most likely die in moments). (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Emre is Squishy, Part 1: Due to a series of deaths, Emre spends most of the season with his Wellness at the minimum cap of 30, leaving him miserably fragile. ironically, before suffering this fate, he mocks Aaron for complaining about a quick succession of deaths that have left him "nerfed." (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
    • Part 2: One reason Emre keeps dying is that Aaron sends him into SP Cakes' fort to deal with it alone while Aaron waits outside and drinks beer. (Episode 60 - Zombies and Manhood)
  • Em RE. Coyote, Part 1: Emre is still trying to master the technique he stumbled across in Season 1 of breaking his fall by placing a wooden frame beneath himself just before he hits the ground. In Episode 53 (Rug Man), it actually works. His theory is that he avoids hurting himself by reducing the time spent falling.
    • Part 2: Emre tries to teach Aaron his physics-defying technique of breaking his fall. Aaron can't master the trick, but uses the opportunity to grind on Emre. Aaron talks Emre into jumping off the roof as a demonstration, but Emre ends up just spraining his leg. Having failed to learn his lesson, Emre tries again the next morning, this time shattering his injured leg. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
    • Part 3: Somehow Emre manages to jump down a long distance from atop the Island fort without hurting himself. (Episode 57 - Endless Nightmare)
    • Part 4: Aaron successfully identifies the building where he and Emre had previously camped when he spots the wooden frame Emre left behind in his unsuccessful attempt to safely jump off the roof. Emre defends his 50% success rate. (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
  • Emre the Bleeder, Part 1: Emre bludgeons a gang of zombies, then searches an entire shed before he realizes that the combat left him bleeding out. He races to gather cotton and craft a bandage before he dies. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: Aaron "pulls an Emre" when he fails to notice that an attack from a zombie homeowner's "little human dog" (a crawler) has left him bleeding out. (Episode 53 - Rug Man)
  • Emre the Cave Explorer: Emre finds a potassium nitrate deposit in the base of the towering islands he and Aaron had just been eyeing for a base and, unthinking, starts mining it out. His digging nearly topples the entire island. When they do build the fort, Emre digs a deep mine beneath its foundation. (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • Emre the Fashionista, Part 1: Aaron and Emre spend most of Day 2 collecting clothing, crafting leather pants and armor, and showing off for each other. (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre continue to check each other out during Night 2. They take note that they're both wearing backpacks now. (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
    • Part 3: Emre finds and wears cloth chest armor that even he thinks looks terrible. Episode 53 (Rug Man) is named for Aaron's reaction to his appearance.
  • Emre the Noob, Part 1: When Aaron and Emre are desperately looking for shelter on Day 1, Emre laments that he has no way of climbing up on top of the shack he's found in the woods. Aaron has to remind him to chop down a tree and craft some wood frames. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: Emre doesn't know that zombies will now be attracted to forges and cooking fires. "Of course they would," Aaron replies, treating the new addition to the game as a matter of common sense. (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
    • Part 3: Emre is in a rush to go find clay, but when he finally gets the chance, he ends up needing to ask Aaron to help him find it. However, he and Aaron both concede that Emre is really good at stabbing people in the head - in this case, that head being Aaron's. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
    • Part 4: At one point during a battle with SP Cakes, Emre runs around with a pipe bomb in hand, desperately asking Aaron how to light it. Aaron suggests using a match. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Emre vs. Bees: While Aaron and Emre spend the night atop a shack, Emre hears a bee flying around in the darkness while Aaron focusing on crafting. The bee never attacks, the sound of its buzzing freaks Emre out. (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
  • Emre vs. Morality: Emre's views on sex are typically repressive, but wildly inconsistent. Emre is generally against premarital sex, but when he sees SP Cakes for the first time - the first woman he's seen since the zombie apocalypse, and an attractive woman at that - he immediately lusts after her. Abandoning all pretext of godly thought, he literally races Aaron to get at her first. Even after she responds by slaughtering them both with a chainsaw, Emre's lust subsides only just enough to let him see that he and Aaron could have both taken her in a three-way. (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
  • Campfire Tales: While Aaron and Emre spend Night 3 atop a shack in the woods, they discuss coming up with new terms for various groups of zombies and agree to call a group of two zombies a "sack." (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
  • Gaslighting Supply Drops, Part 1: On Day 1, Aaron and Emre mention spotting a supply plane "that didn't drop a damn thing." (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: On Day 3, Emre finds a supply crate packed with great loot. He speculates that since he and Aaron had stopped bothering to pay any attention to the supply planes, whoever is packing the crates has stepped up the goods to recapture their interest. (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
    • Part 3: On Day 6, Aaron sends Emre after another supply drop. They make special plans for what Emre needs to do in case the supply crate is filled with goodies, but when he gets there, it only contains a pair of schematics for iron gloves, which Emre already knows how to make. (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • The Gospel According to Emre: SP Cakes is going to Hell for attacking him and Aaron and for wrecking their fort. God would never tolerate something like this. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Hair Toupee, Gone Tomorrow: Aaron's hair vanishes (along with his hat) between Episodes 52 and 53, to his lingering dismay. This is only the first time in the series when Aaron or Emre's hair will mysteriously disappear between episodes.
  • Immortality: In one of the series' first direct acknowledgements that survivors are functionally immortal, Emre desperately wonders how to permanently kill SP Cakes. "Do we have to cut her head off or something?" (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Ladder Control Problems, Part 1: While camping on top of a building, Emre breaks the ladder leading up to prevent zombie invasions. This is all for the good, but come dawn Aaron is irked when he realizes Emre destroyed the entire ladder rather than just the top rungs. The next night, they remember to block off the ladder just as a pair of zombies race up to attack them. Emre placed a wood frame just in time to stop a nasty nurse zombie from getting at them. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
    • Part 2: SP Cakes' rocket barrage damages the main ladder leading up into the Island, forcing Aaron and Emre to take the back door into their own fort. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Landmine Your Own Business: SP Cakes litters the ground around her base with landmines, which kill both Aaron and Emre. The mines take Emre by surprise, but Aaron dies even as he's actively looking for the mines. Aaron obtains dozens of landmines from one of SP Cakes' dropped backpacks. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Mind the Spikes: Aaron and Emre surround the Island fort with defensive spikes, then get stabbed by their own spikes nearly every time they enter or leave. (Episode 56 - New Base; Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • Operation Horcrux, Part 1: Aaron and Emre are amazed when they discover that SP Cakes is carrying (and planting) dozens of bedrolls. In Aaron's opinion, someone carrying a lot of bedrolls must be expecting to sleep with a lot of people. "You'd think," Emre agrees. "That'd be nice." (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
    • Part 2: Effective bedroll management (including destroying every bedroll their enemy lays down) becomes a crucial factor in the war of attrition against SP Cakes. (Episode 60 - Zombies and Manhood)
  • Other Survivors, Part 1: Aaron dreams that when Christmas comes, Santa will fly over and drop a huge crate full of all kinds of food, weapons, and women. And not undead ladies, either; the real kind that would hug him and give him kisses. By the end of Day 1, Aaron insists that they should make finding other survivors - particularly "sexy ladies" - a priority. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: When Aaron and Emre spot a massive, lakeside cliff in the woods, Aaron immediately imagines building a castle atop it, and Emre suggesting building a prison on an island nearby ("our own little Guantanamo") nearby. They both agree to imprison all of the other survivors they find, since they can't be trusted, but disagree on whether they should "genitally electrocute" their prisoners (Aaron's plan) or simply waterboard them (Emre's preference). They reach an agreement to save genital electrocutions for "really upsetting" dudes. (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre finally encounter another living human being, SP Cakes, and immediately sexually harass her. She responds by unleashing a chainsaw- and rocket-fueled hell on them. (Episode 58 - Female Survivor!)
    • Part 4: The aftermath of Aaron and Emre's initial skirmish with SP Cakes at the Island leaves them never wanting to see other survivors again. SP Cakes' endless arsenal convinces them that she must not be working alone. That means other survivors must exist, and they're probably just like her. "That's not good for us, 'cause we just pissed one of them off." - Aaron (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes: Introduced in Episode 58 (Female Survivor!), SP Cakes possesses seemingly endless supplies of TNT, rockets, sleeping bags, pipe bombs, and landmines.
  • The Void: Emre is fearfully exploring SP Cakes' bizarre fort alone when he suddenly falls through the ground into the Void, which he has trouble describing. "I think I might be in Hell. Or Heaven. Or both." Aaron wonders if a "netherworld demon" set a trap for him, but Emre insists it just happened on its own. Emre eventually escapes by following Aaron's advice: lighting a pipe bomb and letting it explode in his face. (Episode 60 - Zombies and Manhood)

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Aaron the Expert/Emre the Noob: After Emre successfully takes on an entire mob of zombies (accidentally killing Aaron in the process), he gloatingly reminisces about the early days with Aaron back in Season 1. "Remember, way back in the day? And you were all, like, cocky and arrogant and you knew everything, and I was, like, confused and - I was like a child! I was like an innocent little child." - Emre "Mm-hmm." - Aaron "And you showed me the way. But now... but now I am the master, and you are the padawan." - Emre "You're right. You're really good at clubbing me in the fucking head and killing me." - Aaron (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Escape Pool, Part 1: When Aaron and Emre make their plans to build a fort atop a lakeside cliff, Emre recalls the "emergency pool" they could jump into at the Ho Motel in Season 2. Emre even jumps safely into the lake (off-screen) rather than find a way down off the cliff. (Episode 52 - Huge Settlement)
    • Part 2: Emre again references the escape pool when he and Aaron leap off the top of their Island fort (because it's easier than climbing down). (Episode 56 - New Base)
    • Part 3: By Episode 58 (Female Survivor!), even Aaron prefers to simply jump off the Island into the lake rather than climb down and brave their own fort defenses.
  • Other Survivors: When Aaron and Emre first encounter SP Cakes in Episode 58 (Female Survivor!), Emre raises an earlier conversation in which Aaron supposedly agreed to allow Emre to have first "dibs" on any women they encountered. Aaron counters, correctly, that Emre actually agreed to let Aaron take any women they met first. This earlier conversation took place in Episode 40 (Hammer to the Face) in Season 2.
  • Thanksgiving: When Aaron and Emre mysteriously find themselves deposited in a new wilderness suffering from partial memory loss, they try to remember what happened. They piece together memories of their Thanksgiving feast (Episode 49 - Thanksgiving Surprise), and Emre remembers that Aaron massively drugged them both. They seem to have no memory of the strange chamber Emre found or the light that engulfed them. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • Christ Tower: When Emre's Evilverse minions lead him on a tour of Hardcore Mordor, a tall, winding ramp leading up to the God-Emperor's Spire sparks fond memories of the Christ Tower Emre built in Fort Titanic. (Episode 166 - Hardcore Mordor)
  • Jesus Pig!, Part 1: Just as Aaron and Emre are making plans to imprison and torture any new survivors they meet, they encounter a pair of pigs, including a "daredevil pig" that leads Aaron on a merry chase along the very edge of a dangerous cliff. It's only with great effort that Aaron and Emre manage to kill the pigs. In Episode 175 (The End of Everything), the Very Finest Pig's monologue suggests that these pigs may have been Very Fine Pigs trying to help Aaron and Emre, but failing due to "communication barriers." (Episode 51 - Cliff of Death)
    • Part 2: A pig is present, trapped atop a small island, when Aaron and Emre spot the island they'll turn into their fort while battling SP Cakes. They provide amused color commentary as they watch the pig race around to evade a pair of zombies, but when they swim out to kill the pig themselves, they discover (to a certain dismay on Emre's part) that the pig has vanished into thin air. Turns out the pig was just hiding, though, and Emre immediately kills it. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Other Survivors, Part 1: In this season, Aaron and Emre often fantasize about finding other survivors and building a new civilization. They finally get their wish in Episode 119 (New Recruits).
    • Part 2: Medhathobo returns in a recurring, speaking role in Season 7 (Episodes 119 - 139). Neither he nor Aaron and Emre seem to recognize each other from their previous hostile encounter (though his behavior is somewhat suspicious), and The Jade Grue is not mentioned.
    • Part 3: When Aaron and Emre believe they've failed to save a pig from a pair of zombies, Emre laments that they won't be able to protect a colony of survivors, either. When he spots the pig still alive, however, he immediately kills it. Aaron hopes this doesn't mean they'll end up killing and butchering all the survivors they find, too. Emre imagines that perhaps, push come to shove, "human meat will be tasty after all. I always heard that it kinda tasted like pork." (Cannibalism also becomes a running theme in Seasons 8 & 9.) (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • Pea Factory: Emre excitedly reminisces about the Pea Factory (and his dreams of turrets) when he and Aaron lay claim to what will become their Island fort. He remembers that the Pea Factory blew up somehow, but since the memory wipe he can't remember what happened exactly. (Episode 55 - Nasty Night Nurse)
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes: SP Cakes returns in Season 7 (Episode 126 - Return of SP Cakes) and again at the end of Season 9 (Episode 175 - The End of Everything).

Fun Facts Edit

  • Blood Moons, Part 1: This season features three feral horde nights. Emre makes the series' first reference to a "blood moon" in Episode 54 (Zombie Beer Run), but he's simply referring to a particularly dark and ruddy sunset.
    • Part 2: For the first time in the series, Aaron and Emre explicitly acknowledge the pattern of weekly feral horde attacks in Episode 55 (Nasty Night Nurse), when they have just two days left to prepare for Day 7.
    • Day 7: The first feral horde attacks Aaron and Emre at the Island in Episode 57 (Endless Nightmare). For once they're fully prepared and do a fine job fending off the swarming undead.
    • Day 14: The second feral horde night is expected in Episode 67 (More Survivors), but strangely, the zombies never arrive. Later, Aaron and Emre speculate that the feral horde probably spent the night attacking Medhathobo and the Jade Grue instead. (This is probably true.)
    • Day 21: The third feral horde night passes unseen in Episode 68 (Fort Titanic), when the shows skips ahead nine days while Aaron and Emre build the eponymous Fort Titanic.
    • Day 28: The fourth and final feral horde strikes in Episode 28 (Death by Auger), adding to the chaos of the assault on Medhathobo and the Jade Grue's fort. However, the horde seems to be targeting the enemy survivors (until Alpha 15, feral hordes relentlessly targeted a single random player on the server), working to Aaron and Emre's advantage.
  • Building the Fourth Wall, Part 1: When the new season begins (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe), Aaron and Emre sense that they've partially lost their memories. This is a nod to losing all of the skills and character progress they gained last season due to starting a new game in Alpha 10.
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre also freak out when they notice they've lost their clothing while unconscious. This is the first time they've seen themselves naked, thanks to the game's improved character models. (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 3: While exploring a sprawling residential area, Emre and Aaron come across a metal plate hovering in the air at the edge of a lake. Emre doesn't know what to make of it, but Aaron suggests that there must be a "weird gravity situation around here." (Episode 54 - Zombie Beer Run)
    • Part 4: Aaron breaks the 4th wall at the end of Episode 60 (Zombies and Manhood), when he directly states "That'll be the title of this episode.)
  • Check the Map: Aaron and Emre do not speculate where in the world they might be this season.
  • Technical Difficulties: Episode 52 (Huge Settlement) and the first half of Episode 53 (Rug Man) only show Aaron's POV. Emre's footage was lost due to multiple hard drive failures.
  • Time Doesn't Exist Here, Exactly, Part 1: Season 3 appears to take place immediately after Season 2, but with the strange conclusion of the previous season, resulting in a blackout and memory loss, nothing can be certain.
    • Part 2: Emre claims to be 27 in Episode 56 (New Base), which would presumably make him no more than 26 years old at the time of the zombie apocalypse. This is the only time in the series when either Aaron or Emre explicitly provides their character's age.
    • Part 3: Aaron declares that Day 10 is his birthday. Emre is incredulous; how does he know? Aaron admits that he doesn't know the exactly, but remembers his birthday being this time of year. Emre facetiously claims that it's his birthday too, which Aaron dismisses. (Episode 59 - Sweet Vengeance)
  • The Pre-Apocalypse, Part 1: Emre asks Aaron if he designed the zombie virus to continue to evolve or have different stages over time. "I really... I mean, it was not nearly as controlled as what you're suggesting." - Aaron (Episode 50 - Memory Wipe)
    • Part 2: Taylor Swift was one of the first victims of the zombie apocalypse. A horde of 1,000 zombies was mistaken for a mob of her fans and completely consumed every single bit of her. Not even a skeleton was left over! (Episode 53 - Rug Man)
    • Part 3: Emre claims to have scored a 32 on his ACT (a standardized college entrance exam; a perfect score would be 36). Aaron claims he never took the test; instead, at the age of 12, he was identified as a "brilliant scientist" and graduated from high school at 13. (Episode 56 - New Base)
  • Undead Patrons: Throughout the season, Aaron and Emre call out specific zombies by name, treating them as people they knew before the apocalypse.All named zombies were patrons of the Game Society Pimps at Subbable, a precursor to Patreon; having a zombie dedicated to you was a patronage reward.

 Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 10 and takes place in a new randomly generated world map. A major new addition to the game in this series is the ability to customize characters' appearances and clothing. For the first time, Aaron and Emre are no longer identical, but they have not yet adopted the appearances they'll eventually stick with. This alpha also introduces Wellness as a measure of a survivor's maximum Health and Stamina. 

One quirk of the random map generation in Alpha 10 is a number of incomplete buildings Aaron and Emre encounter, which they interpret as a "Japanese style house," a "free-range prison," and a Pop 'n' Pills pharmacy where "something bad happened." 

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - Memory Wipe (E050) - GameSocietyPimps20:27

7 Days To Die - Memory Wipe (E050) - GameSocietyPimps

This season can be divided into three basic arcs. In Episodes 50 - 57, Aaron and Emre explore their unfamiliar surroundings, battle zombies, and establish a new base, all while imagining what they would do if they ever met other survivors (particularly women).

In Episodes 58 - 66, Aaron and Emre first encounter their nemesis SP Cakes. They engage in a grueling, deadly, and disastrous battle with her, then desperately scrabble to rebuild.

Finally, in Episodes 67 - 71, Aaron and Emre encounter another pair of survivors: medhathobo and The Jade Grue. Aaron and Emre assume the new arrivals are in league with SP Cakes and besiege their fort.

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