This is an overview of episodes 72 to 83 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The new season picks up amid Aaron and Emre's siege against medhathobo and The Jade Grue, but within moments, after Emre accidentally kills himself with a rocket, a strange glow overtakes both Emre and Aaron. Emre believes Jesus has come for him, but the glow immediately deposits them in a new wilderness without any of their gear or Fort Titanic. Emre despairs that they've actually been dropped into Purgatory. Fortunately for Aaron and Emre, The Jade Grue and medhathobo have also vanished.

The unearthly light transitions Aaron and Emre to Alpha 11. They immediately notice that the surrounding wilderness looks nicer and for the first time mention the possibility of having traveled to a new world. Emre explains the upgraded graphics as God improving his "Purgatory servers," but Aaron theorizes that the world has been improved by some big, highly successful science experiment. Ultimately Aaron decides that the world has naturally "evolved" on its own.

Aaron soon dies and spawns directly into a boarded-up house he soon names Primo Homero. Emre struggles to cross dog-infested wasteland to rescue Aaron, who refuses to abandon his new, zombie-infested home.

Once Aaron and Emre are reunited and find spiked clubs, their luck turns for the better and they manage to secure Primo Homero's upper floors before sunset.

As they continue to scavenge the town they've settled in, Emre speculates that they may now be in the South, due to the numerous gun parts they keep finding in abandoned houses.

Aaron starts using wooden frames to connect the rooftops of neighboring buildings. Aaron initially suggests that he and Emre each take one of the adjacent buildings for themselves. Meanwhile, Emre encounters a glitchy trash dumpster that first hurts him when he tries to jump up on it, then traps him in place once he's on top of it. While Aaron works to free Emre, he sees and is disgusted by Emre's filthy toes. Aaron eventually frees Emre at the cost of accidentally killing him.

While clearing out the town, a discussion on whether the people who became zombies had souls (Emre's view) or were just animals (Aaron's opinion) turns once again to Grace, the Sunday school student Emre struck just before the zombie apocalypse. Emre now adds that Grace died before the zombies came. Fortunately for Emre, the house where Grace lived with her grandparents "mysteriously" burned down a week before his court date, so the case against him was thrown out. Aaron is horrified, but quickly distracted by talk of hard-selling zombie salespeople.

Aaron and Emre spend the week leading up to Day 7 connecting the houses around town with spindly bridges, creating a fort they call Ultra Heaven. They enjoy a relatively stress-free week of building and scavenging, including a Day 7 Horde that fails to arrive until dawn, making it easy for the duo to mop up the zombies with crossbows and chainsaws.

At the end of the season, Aaron and Emre are met by a booming voice in the sky (voiced by Adam Koralik), potentially identified as God, Satan, Santa Claus, whoever is behind the supply crate flights, or "a guy with a megaphone, who berates them and unleashed both a horde of his "hell spawn" minions and time-bending lag to destroy them. Eventually time and space tear apart around them, and Aaron and Emre flee into the Void as the sky-voice claims it will bring them back for additional suffering.

Season 4 Death Count Edit

Aaron: 20
Emre: 13

Characters Edit

Aaron - Mad scientist
Emre - Religious zealot
"God" (Voiced by Adam Koralik) - hates Aaron and Emre

Forts Edit

Primo Homero Edit

  • A house that Aaron spawned in and couldn't escape.
  • Even when utterly wrecked by zombies, Aaron refused to give it up.
  • Aaron eventually blew it up after creating Ultra-Heaven.

Ultra-Heaven Edit

  • A series of rambling wooden bridges connecting several buildings in a small town. Aaron and Emre ran around on top of the bridges and rooftops to use run-and-gun tactics against the zombies.
  • Invaded and demolished by "God's" minions until time and space itself fell apart.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Your ass will literally be grass" (Episode 74 - Level 5 Creeper)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron complaining about the uselessness of his "shitty axe."
  • Aaron the Prankster: Aaron replaces his old game of hitting Emre with a claw hammer with a new game: Shooting Emre with a nail gun.
  • Emre is Squishy: Emre's wellness is a still much lower than Aaron's.
  • Emre the Fashionista: Emre shows off his new outfits to Aaron to pass the time at night.
  • Emre the Noob: Emre has forgotten how to build anything.
  • Campfire Tales: Emre adds an even darker twist to his past with Grace.
  • Dr. Pussyfun's Disease: Aaron and Emre's legs are perpetually broken. (Aaron actually names the ailment this season.)
  • Aaron refusing to give up on the fort, no matter if it is utter suicide
  • Aaron continually refers to cloth leg armor as "thigh buckets."

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • Other Worlds: Emre's notion of God's "Purgatory servers" (Episode 72 - New World) is echoed by JWM's attempt to describe seeing "server worlds" in the Void (Episode 138 - Vision of the Future). (Both are references to how multiple versions of the game are played on independent servers.)

Fun Facts Edit

  • Due to the relatively quick turnaround between Alpha 11 and Alpha 12, this season is tied with Season 8 (Episodes 140 - 151) as the shortest season of the series.
  • Aaron claims that the technology to make lockpicks "has been lost in the ruin of mankind."
  • Aaron identifies "Dr. Pussyfun's Disease," an ailment that weakens the bones, to explain why he is constantly breaking his legs.

Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 11 and takes place in a new randomly generated world map. The game has undergone notable graphical improvements, including the addition of fog, caves, an improved skybox and ambient lighting, and high-resolution zombie textures. Alpha 11 also introduces gore blocks, which form from the fallen corpses of dead zombies. Players now gain levels and can improve specific skills. 

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - New World (E072) - GameSocietyPimps17:10

7 Days To Die - New World (E072) - GameSocietyPimps

Episode 72 - Next World

This first episode starts with the ending of last season. Aaron and Emre are trying to take apart Medhathobo and The Jade Grue's fort, when they see a bright light and are transported to a new world. Emre declares it purgatory immediately. The boys once again lack all their equipment and are separated. They have to find each other and more supplies before dark. Aaron and Emre blame each other for the fact that they repeatedly die and are revived, going to different worlds and have to repeat this for all of time.

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