This is an overview of episodes 103 to 118 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The season begins where Season 5 left off, with Emre encouraging Aaron to finish demolishing the "Skyscraper of Babel" to redeem himself in the eyes of Jesus. After the amassed zombies, dogs, and bees prove simply too challenging, however, Aaron abandons the project, and is even forced to abandon his precious mini-bike when it gets stuck in a corpse. Aaron and Emre flee the city, swearing to just keep running for a week.

A time jump covers the update from Alpha 12 to Alpha 13. When we rejoin Aaron and Emre, they have established a camp at a rustic cabin somewhere in a new part of the country, far from Aaron's lab. Their new location is never specified; Emre thinks they're in Montana, while Aaron suggests they're in Louisiana. Eventually they agree that they've probably wandered far north to either Canada or, just as likely, Russia. The calendar has reset to Day 6, and they are back to using basic gear.

They have gone exploring during their down time, however, and Emre excitedly tells Aaron of a spooky "haunted" house he's found. Aaron follows Emre's lead, and they soon arrive at a wrecked wasteland house teetering on the edge of an immense fissure in the earth. When the house itself proves too structurally unstable to use, Aaron takes the lead in building an entirely new base atop a promontory rising up from the sprawling cavern. (At times, Aaron refers to the fissure and its surroundings as the "Death Pit" within the "Accursed Lands."

Having barely started work on a base before Day 7, Aaron and Emre both die during the blood moon horde. When Emre returns to life, a series of bizarre glitches make him appear to be demonically possessed. Aaron's eager suggestion that Emre exorcise himself by eating human turds is quickly forgotten once the "possession" transfers to Aaron.

To prepare for the next blood moon, Aaron and Emre decide to find a city to scavenge. They soon find a wintry city, but it is overrun by so many lumberjacks that they eventually decide the zombie apocalypse must have hit town while the city was hosting a logging convention, a hipster convention, and a beard contest convention. While being constantly stalked by lumberjacks does prove to be a painful experience, they do find excellent loot. While Emre is feeling optimistic, Aaron - who for once has died far more often than Emre and is more physically frail - is despondent.

Returning to the wasteland, Aaron starts work on an indestructable mega-fort he and Emre name George Porgie Pudding and Fort. By Day 14, the fort is still incomplete, but the massive pit surrounding the fort is still sufficient to keep the zombies at bay. In addition, a massive rift into a featureless Void has appeared. Aaron and Emre discuss the Void at length, pondering whether Aaron's extensive digging has awakened an eldritch Old One, and even whether the "God" who drove them out of their Ultra-Heaven base might have been an Old One as well.

After mopping up the Day 14 horde, Aaron and Emre press south to continue exploring, eventually finding a fully furnished bomb shelter hidden under an isolated shack in a frigid forest. While the bunker provides protection from zombies, starvation and hypothermia soon prove to be just as deadly. Fed up with the hunger and cold, Aaron storms off to Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, kicking Emre out for good measure.

Aaron and Emre spend several days apart as they each work on their own base: Aaron on Fort George (for short) and Emre on his bomb shelter, which he names Snow Mansion. They also assemble mini-bikes, which turn the journey from one fort to their other from a harrowing, all-day trek to a quick drive (assuming one doesn't drive straight into a chasm). After a tour of Snow Mansion, Aaron and Emre return to Fort George to deal with the Day 21 horde. The rift into the Void has continued to widen, and while it does greatly enhance Fort George's defenses (by swallowing any zombie that wanders over it), the Void is starting to strangely entrance Aaron.


Season 6 Death Count Edit

Aaron: 8
Emre: 7

Characters Edit

Aaron - Mad scientist
Emre - Religious zealot

Forts Edit

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort (a.k.a. Fort George for short) Edit

  • Aaron's Fort
  • A robust concrete tower rising up from the middle of an extremely deep crevice (the "Death Pit").
  • A rift into the Void spontaneously opened to one side of the fort, swallowing anything that stepped into it. This "nether void" actually added considerably to the fort's defenses.
  • Aaron challenged Emre to destroy his fort; Emre barely succeeded. The fort was so strong it remained standing for several minutes even after it had been completely undermined.

Snow Mansion (a.k.a. Fort Aaron's Genitals Are Fluid) Edit

  • Emre's Fort
  • An existing bomb shelter hidden in a snowy biome. Emre further fortified the bunker, adding interior walls and eventually a sturdy curtain wall and minefield on the surface.
  • Aaron sabotaged Snow Mansion because he mistakenly thought Emre had stolen his nail gun.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh, putrid girl! I killed a putrid girl!" - Aaron "I remember those from high school." - Emre (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • "You know what I'm worried about though, is the rubble..." - Aaron "...crushing our sacks?" - Emre (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
  • "In Soviet Russia, you sting the bees. The bees heal you. Y'know, everything's opposite there" - Emre (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
  • "I always thought we were in Purgatory, but I'm pretty sure we're in some sick, eldritch horror's dreamworld." - Emre (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • "We make [Fort George] even more impregnable. We make it so that the sides are so deep we open up three more planes to the Old Ones. We awaken whatever is living down there. And we destroy this plane once and for all, and escape it!" - Aaron, ranting (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • "Sometimes it's good not to think. It feels good. It does your heart good. Hearts don't have minds, you know what I mean?" - Aaron (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • "Why are you so hungry all the time?!?" - Emre "I think I'm pregnant." - Aaron (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • "The Void is pretty creepy. You should avoid the Void." - Emre (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • "I don't need technology any more! I'm just going to run around with a shitty hunting rifle, a knife, and clothes made out of dead animals! And that's going to be my life! I don't need your crappy bikes!" - Emre (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
  • "Survival is all about surviving." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • "We need to go back home, where we started, and live there. And clear out the remaining zombies, and start a place where other people can come and live. [...] It should be our home, man, it should be where we started! [...] And we're going to make that place our place where we welcome all newcomers, and everyone is welcome, and no zombies can touch us. And there's no more sabotaging forts! It's a happy ending, where everybody lives! You build some horrible church, where you teach children that striking them is the best way for them to be punished-" - Aaron "It is!" - Emre "-for throwing water balloons as them, and I build a laboratory where I do experiments that don't create world-ending apocalypses. Unless I get bored or something again." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Buster: Emre actively expects Aaron to eventually destroy Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, since Aaron has destroyed "literally every single fort we've ever made. Every. Single. One." (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
  • Aaron the Gender Bender: Aaron spontaneously becomes female again, which he passes off as "feeling womanly today." Aaron angrily insists that he is not actually a woman, making numerous excuses for his appearance. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations: Aaron wonders if he's losing his mind when rocks and trees suddenly spawn in all around him. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
  • Aaron vs. Poop: Aaron is fascinated by human turds when he first discovers them in the game. By the end of the season, however, he describes playing with poop as "depraved and disgusting," claiming to having done it as a ploy to con Emre.
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies: Last season, Emre claimed to no longer be afraid of zombies. Now, he's so dismissive of them that he doesn't even notice when new zombie types appear. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • Emre the Cave Explorer: After they've both seen the cave-riddled wasteland where they'll eventually build Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, Emre asks Aaron if he wants to play "Cave Explorer" with him. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • Emre the Fashionista: Emre is very pleased with his new leather duster, letting the audience see his bearded face for the first time. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
  • Terrible Uses for Time Machines: Emre fantasizes about finding a time machine that would allow him to go back to the moment when Billy Ray Cyrus was about to conceive Miley Cyrus, so that Emre could high-five him and tell him "Way to go, dude." That this would also return him to a pre-apocalyptic world is coincidental, but fine. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • The Void: Aaron discovers that a huge rift into a featureless void has opened up in the earth right next to George Porgie Pudding and Fort. Aaron assumes he dug so deep he awakened an Old One. Emre recalls the last major appearance by the Void in Episode 83, when "God" attacked them. Emre theorizes that while he once thought they were trapped in Hell or Purgatory, he's now pretty sure that they're stuck in some "sick eldritch horror's dream world." (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Aaron the Gender Bender: Aaron previously "explored his feminine side" at the end of Season 2 (Episodes 48 & 49).
  • Aaron vs. Redemption: Aaron asks Emre if Jesus thinks his partially successful attempt to collapse the "Skyscraper of Babel" at the end of last season was good enough to redeem him. Emre replies that Jesus hasn't been talking to him lately. "I don't know what his deal is, but I haven't heard his voice since that day." (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • Land Bridge to Russia: While admitting that he honestly has no idea where they are in the country, Aaron jokes that for all he knows they could have crossed a land bridge into Russia. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail) The ex-cosmonauts who briefly visit Pleasure Shire in Episode 168 will also claim to have crossed a land bridge from Russia to reach Navezgane.
  • The Void: A huge rift to the Void spontaneously opens next to Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, sparking a discussion of Lovecraftian Old Ones, "eldritch dream worlds," and other planes of existence. The Void draws more focus in future seasons, culminating in Season 9 (Episodes 152 - 175).

Fun Facts Edit

  • Naked and Confused: Emre's shirts keep mysteriously disappearing throughout the season, probably due to a game glitch.
  • Series Records: Season 6 and Season 8 (Episodes 140 -151) are tied for Emre's record lowest death counts (7 each).

Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 13 and uses a new, randomly generated map. Alpha 13 introduces several new zombie types, including zombie bears and screamers, but also removes some of the old models, most notably the Hawaiian shirt-wearing "fatties." (These zombies would later be updated and reintroduced in Alpha 16.) Players can now knock down, cripple, or even dismember zombies in combat. Dead animals must now be harvested for supplies, rather than simply searched. Extreme temperatures and weather become survival factors as well.

Aaron's plan to drain the flooded basement by knocking a hole in its side couldn't have worked; the game engine doesn't support advanced water physics.

The rift to the Void was a known game glitch which could occur in this alpha when ground "blocks" failed to align properly. As shown in the show, these glitches could grow over time. In a normal game, a player could seal a "rift" by smoothing out the terrain (by laying down wooden frames, for example).

New additions to the game's character creation options allow Aaron and Emre to finally assume the appearances they'll maintain from this point onward, though their bandannas prevent the audience from seeing their faces most of the time. Emre's face is first seen in Episode 109; Aaron's face is not revealed until Episode 114.

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - Creepy Flooded Basement (E103) - GameSocietyPimps24:57

7 Days To Die - Creepy Flooded Basement (E103) - GameSocietyPimps

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