This is an overview of episodes 119 to 139 in the series, 7 Days to Die. The game is played in Alpha 14.

Emre and Aaron travel through "the void" to Navezgane and build Pleasure Town to accommodate future residents. Soon enough new survivors, dedicated Game Society fans, arrive at the radio tower in Pleasure Town.

Fans who qualified to play (by being a consistent donor through Patreon) play as survivors that gather at the radio tower following the signal Aaron set up. The new arrivals split up into teams by their own preference; either Emre's religious cult or Aaron's den of iniquity. The return of SP Cakes exacerbates the feud that soon develops between the two camps, ultimately leading to Aaron and Emre parting ways. Now thrust into leadership positions, Aaron and Emre on their own each prove to be far worse than they ever were together.


Season 7 Death Count Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

The battle at Cakes Mountain is particularly chaotic, so the death counts for the supporting cast present at the battle (Bwett, JWM, Disciple Kay, and Metastergo) may be shy 1 or 2 deaths each.

Guest Characters Edit

Characters Edit

Aaron and Emre recruit a supporting cast of new survivors who soon split up into opposing factions.

Team Aaron Edit

Team Emre Edit

Team SP Cakes Edit

Unknown Allegiances Edit

Forts Edit

Pleasure Town Edit

  • Three houses located on the Husker Avenue cul-de-sac, which Aaron and Emre fortified for their own purposes. Aaron and Emre's houses were surrounded by low walls and deep, spiked moats.
  • Invaded and heavily damaged by SP Cakes.
  • The compound was surrounded by concrete curtain walls. After SP Cakes invaded, Aaron had JWM and Kaydalyn install wooden spikes around the outside of the walls.
  • Aaron's house featured trees on the roof, a garden outside, and a secret laboratory located under the backyard pool.
    • Aaron's secret laboratory was obliterated in Episode 124 (Explosive Science), but his house survived the season mostly intact.
  • Emre's house bore his name on the front and a quasi-secret summoning chamber, where he was attempting to conjure God.
    • Team Aaron demolished Emre's house in Episode 135 (Home Wreckers) after Emre and his followers abandoned Pleasure Town.
  • Emre also built Super Church, a blocky concrete structure, across the street from his house. He used Super Church to deliver sermons to the town's residents and to conceal the entrance to the sprawling tunnels he had secretly burrowed to undermine Aaron's home.
    • Graskull damaged Super Church in Episode 124 (Home Wreckers) in retaliation for the destruction of Aaron's lab. SP Cakes announces her return shortly thereafter (Episode 125 - Super Explosion) by utterly destroying Super Church in a massive blast that turns the church into a gaping crater. The crater came to be known as the Lord Hole.
  • Aaron and Emre promised to grant use of a third, unfortified and somewhat damaged house to their new recruits. Ultimately it went unused, but was given to Epsilon One for his services. It was then completely demolished, just for fun.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Before I decide between God and science, let me put my pants on" - Bwett (Episode 122 - Sh*t Eater)
  • "I just broke my leg again! I... I hurt." - Aaron (Episode 132 - DAY 77)
  • "What an incredible recurring villain!" - Emre, regarding SP Cakes' return (Episode 125 - Super Explosion)
  • "I don't really understand how these fertility cults work" - JWM "Yeah, neither do I, and it's my cult" - Aaron (Episode 127 - Zombie Bachelorette Party)
  • "Bwett, did you put down a sleeping bag yet?" - Aaron "No, not yet" - Bwett "Okay, then I won't shoot you for saying it was a brown wedding." - Aaron (Episode 131 - Glory of the Lord Hole)
  • "Last time we went to church some fucking gobshite decided to gun us down for no reason." - Graskull "And that's why I'm leaving, because you called me a gobshite and I don't even know what that means." - Emre (Episode 134 - Goodbye Emre)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Tell Your Wife: Every time Bwett dies, he says a variation of "Tell your wife I love her" (See Bwett's page for all the variations)
  • New recruits falling into the gorges in between the buildings (especially Epsilon One)
  • Graskull blowing things up
  • Trans-dimensional bear attack
  • Terrible Uses for Time Machines: Using a time machine to regrow trees instead of stopping the zombie apocalypse
  • Epsilon One's house getting blown up

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Check the Map: This is the first season since Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 23) to return to Navezgane County, Arizona. While the Alpha 14 Nazvegane map has changed and expanded considerably since Alpha 8, numerous revisited locations are recognizable.
    • Husker Avenue: The three houses on which Pleasure Shire is built are the same cul-de-sac that Aaron and Emre explored in Episodes 3 -5.
      • Emre now lives in the house where Aaron originally taught him the benefits of reading books. (Episode 3 - Baseball Bat Jesus)
      • The unused house that is given to Epsilon One (and destroyed, and then rebuilt as Meta's Spa in Season 8) is the same house where Aaron accidentally blew himself up with his first rocket launcher. (Episode 3 - Baseball Bat Jesus)
  • The Farm: The farm where Aaron goes on a wild goose chase for chickens is the same farm he and Emre settled in (and destroyed) in Episodes 5 - 10. This farm is inexplicably intact again, however, and they do not comment on it. (Episode 122 - Sh*t Eater)
  • Pea Factory: Emre returns to what he thinks is the Pea Factory in Episodes 138 & 139. He's mistaken; he's actually at the factory where he and Aaron encountered their first zombie cop in Episode 12 (Puke Squad).
  • Other Survivors/The Unstoppable SP Cakes: SP Cakes and Medhathobo return for the first time since Season 3. As in that season, they never interact with or acknowledge each other. Aaron and Emre seem to have forgotten about their earlier war with Medhathobo, and vice versa.
  • The Void: Emre begins this season with his face hidden under an iron helmet. When he and Aaron recruit Bwett, they "haze" him by revealing Emre's horrifying face, which appears to have imploded into a singularity. Aaron explains Emre's "Void face" as the result of Emre face-planting when he tried to leap through the rift into the Void at the end of Season 6. (Episode 122 - Sh*t Eater)

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • This season's storyline flows directly into Season 8, using the same supporting cast and locations. In Season 8, Team Aaron remodels Pleasure Town to create Pleasure Shire.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Blood Moons: This season features one feral horde night, which spans two episodes: Episode 132 (DAY 77) and Episode 133 (Breached).
  • New Recruits: This is the first season to feature a regular supporting cast of speaking characters, which continues through Seasons 8 and 9.
  • Season Records: Seasons 7, 8 (Episodes 140 - 151), and 9 (Episodes 152 - 175) are tied for Aaron's record lowest death counts (3 each).

Game Notes Edit

This season uses Alpha 14. For the first time since Season 1, the action returns to the developer-created Navezgane map rather than a randomly generated world. Navezgane is much larger and more detailed than it was in Alpha 8, however. Alpha 14 introduces UMA (Unity Multipurpose Avatar) zombies, creating new zombies types with the same code used to create player characters. While performance issues will result in UMA zombies ultimately being abandoned in Alpha 16 (the upcoming Season 10), their addition here leads to expanded modding opportunities that will start coming into play in Alpha 15 (Seasons 8 & 9).

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - New Recruits (E119) - GameSocietyPimps22:33

7 Days To Die - New Recruits (E119) - GameSocietyPimps

Episode 119 - New Recruits

Aaron and Emre meet and test new recruits who arrived at the radio tower. They ask each recruit whether they have f*cked a pie and then Emre kills JWM with a sledgehammer to see whether the recruits would be willing to die for them. Aaron and Emre show the recruits to Pleasure Town and show them the church. Medhathobo accidentally fires his shotgun in the church and Emre has him excommunicated.

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