This is an overview of the series, 7 Days to Die, starting from episode 152. The game is played in Alpha 15.

Emre and Aaron travel through Aaron's time machine to Day 660 but on a different, parallel world. They find that while much is still the same, there are small differences that impacted the outcome of the world much differently. They wake up back in Pleasure Shire but none of the other survivors are present. Since Pleasure Shire was consumed in lava, Emre and Aaron go out into the zombie wilderness to survive the zombie apocalypse once more.


Season 9 Death Count Edit

Characters Edit

Two plots are shown concurrently in this story arc. The main plot follows Aaron and Emre's adventure in a parallel world ruled by High Priestess Kay and Arch-Paladin Jub. The subplot follows the lives of Pleasure Shire residents after their leaders disappears to the parallel world.

Main Plot Characters Edit

Subplot-Only Characters (Pleasure Shire)Edit

Forts Edit

Navezgane Coliseum Edit

  • A high school football stadium located on the outskirts of Perishton.
  • Emre damaged it considerably with his powers.

The Data Vault Edit

  • A bank in Perishton that the Once and Future Aaron used to store his Oakpocalypse seeds.
  • Surrounded by a ring of deadly iron-wrought cold silver to contain Oakpocalypse trees. Aaron and Emre broke the circle to enter the bank, releasing the trees.
  • Aaron and Emre spent a night here; damaged by a zombie siege.
  • Destroyed when Arch-Paladin Jub razed Perishton.

Fecal Fridayz Edit

  • Bwett's business and residence, a remodeled strip club and bar.
  • Aaron and Emre stay there for a night, but Aaron blows it up with Bwett's explosive poo.

Hardcore Mordor Edit

  • A sprawling complex of spiked stone towers and dungeons built atop, around, and under Mount Doom in the burned forest.
  • High Priestess Kay and Arch-Paladin Jub lived here along with the God-Emperor Emre from their world.

Pleasure Shire (Alternate World) Edit

  • A shattered version of Pleasure Shire, torn by smoldering rents in the earth and overrun by mutant devil spawn.

Content Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Season Records: Seasons 7 (Episodes 119 - 139), 8 (Episodes 140 - 151), and 9 are tied for Aaron's record lowest death counts (3 each).

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - Emre & Aaron Go To Hell (E152) - Game Society21:11

7 Days To Die - Emre & Aaron Go To Hell (E152) - Game Society

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