This is an overview of the series, 7 Days to Die, starting from episode 176. The game is played in Alpha 16.

This season starts with Aaron and Emre going back to their roots: gameplay without any mods or other players, just Aaron and Emre surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Season 10 Death Count (through Episode 177) Edit

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Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 16 and takes place in a new randomly generated world map (the first return to random-gen since Season 6). Significant new features and changes include:

  • New entity models introduce new and revised types of zombies (including the return of long-absent Hawaiian shirt-wearing "fatties"), but also mark the removal of UMA zombies (an experiment introduced in Alpha 14).
  • The game's original, harmless pigs have been replaced by temperamental boars. Hornets (buh-buh-buh-bees) have been removed from the game entirely, replaced by zombie vultures. Wolves and dire wolves now roam the forests.
  • More complex random map generation.
  • Numerous new POIs (points of interest).
  • Player-made traps and electrical systems, including the turrets Emre has been praying for throughout the series.
  • A "sleeper" system by which most zombies are now encountered lurking inside buildings rather than roaming freely outside.

Episodes Edit

Following the increasingly complicated evolution of the series through Seasons 7 - 9, Season 10 marks a return to basics for the show: Just Aaron and Emre, wandering through the post-apocalypse alone. With the simpler production schedule and more leisurely pace comes longer episodes, which now run 30 minutes on average, rather than the former average of 20 minutes.

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