This is an overview of episodes 84 to 102 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The new season starts in the immediate aftermath of the end of the previous season, when "God's" minions drove Aaron and Emre into the Void. Finding themselves separated in a new wilderness, they quickly conclude that the voice belonged to whomever is behind the air drops, who simply flew a drone over them and drugged them. They quickly encounter bears, discovering that the bears are as dangerous to the zombies as they are to the living.

Aaron quickly discovers a strange, foggy town he dubs Bethlehem and with it, a tiny, fortified shack near a college dorm. After Emre cautiously works his way across a nearby city to him, they are finally reunited and lay claim to the Smallest Base Ever. As they continue to explore, however, they discover better base options, including another hotel in the "Ho Motel chain" and a concrete bunker beneath what Aaron dubs a "horror vacation home."

While exploring and suffering various setbacks, Aaron and Emre reveal more of their pasts to each other. Emre discusses the "Cave Explorer" game he played with his father (in lieu of receiving punishment), and Aaron reveals that in addition to creating the zombie plague, he also attempted to create invisible bears, some of which may have unexpectedly survived (and may be invisibly stalking them).

Aaron and Emre surround the Smallest Base Ever with wooden spikes and use it to fend off the Day 7 horde. The next day, they attempt to relocate to the bunker beneath the "horror mansion." They come across the wrong house by mistake, but when it has a bunker under its yard as well, they move in.

Over the course of the following week, Aaron and Emre continue to explore the surrounding region, including several ill-fated supply runs into the city. Aaron is killed by a bear that chases him into their bunker, while Emre suffers such a long streak of bad luck that he grows depressed, convinced that the universe is out to get him.

Returning home, Aaron and Emre spend two days expanding their underground bunker and installing a "Kill Grille" that allows them to shoot up through metal bars to mow down the Day 14 horde. The Kill Grille works as intended, but the battle expends their resources and mopping up the next day still proves deadly.

Having used up their supplies, Aaron and Emre set back out for another week of scavenging, both returning to the city and exploring in new directions. Shortly before Day 21, they come upon an unusual building in the countryside, which Aaron quickly realizes is his own former home: the private facility where he created the zombie virus, and where it was first accidentally unleashed upon the world.

The Facility's indestructible containment cells let Aaron and Emre easily survive the Day 21 blood moon, but even so mopping up the hordes of zombies clustered around the building take them an entire day and most of their ammo. More troubling, returning to the site where Aaron unleashed the zombie apocalypse has actually caused him to develop unfamiliar feelings of guilt, which make him so queasy he wants to abandon the invulnerable base. Breaking down, he confesses his guilt and turns to Emre for absolution. Filled with religious zeal, Emre proclaims that Aaron must show his repentance by destroying the ominous (and annoyingly empty) skyscraper in the city - the "Skyscraper of Babel," a towering symbol of all the "disgusting science bullshit" Aaron (and humanity as a whole) created before the apocalypse.

Returning to the city one last time, Aaron spends an entire day hacking away at the skyscraper's foundations while he and Emre run-and-gun against an endless stream of zombies. As the sun sets, Aaron and Emre finally demolish the tower, which collapses right on top of them.

Season 5 Death Count Edit

Aaron: 5
Emre: 17
However, Aaron's lucky streak does result in him being infected over many episodes.

Characters Edit

Aaron - Mad scientist
Emre - Religious zealot

Forts Edit

Smallest Base Ever (a.k.a. The Dorm Shack, a.k.a. Beer Fort) Edit

  • Aaron found an extremely small base just large enough for 2 beds and 2 trunks. He and Emre had to stand on their beds at night. It was surrounded by cacti and spikes. Abandoned in favor of the Kill Grille.

Kill Grille (a.k.a. the Horror Vacation Home) Edit

  • Aaron and Emre found an underground bunker beneath a walled country house and put a grille on the ceiling so they could shoot the dogs and zombies without being in danger.

The Facility Edit

  • Aaron's original research lab. Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse. Aaron invented an Indestructible "bedrock" substance to contain his zombie test subjects in cells they could not break through, but sadly he also included open viewing windows the zombies could reach through.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "I don't want to learn new things! I'm done with learning!" - Emre
  • "Heal me, Jesus! No, wait, that's something you would say." - Aaron
  • "I was a pork failure, but I'm a venison success." - Aaron (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
  • "I feel like the universe is out to get me." - Emre (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
  • "They spared no expense! Except for having anything of value, at all." - Aaron (Episode 98 - Skyscrapist)
  • "I can't get out the door. It's a gore door. I am in Mordor, except it's a Gore Door." - Aaron (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • "I killed... whatever the population was of the Earth, I think it was around 6.5 billion, maybe 7, they all died because of my experiments in this building. So is there any, like, holy water, or like, sacred fish guts or something you can spread around that will... give this building salvation, and me salvation, so I don't feel guilty about it anymore?" - Aaron (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • "Never take down a building from the inside. That's the lesson here." - Aaron (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Buster: Aaron actually makes no attempt to destroy any forts this season, but he does accept Emre's quest of absolution to destroy the "Skyscraper of Babel."
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations: Aaron spends multiple episodes infected, and believes it is causing him to hallucinate.
  • Aaron vs. Pit Stops: Aaron driving his mini-bike into a giant pit
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies: Emre confesses that he is now more terrified of bears and bees than he is of zombies.
  • Emre the Bleeder: Emre is killed by something invisible, which he guesses was probably an invisible dog (which he still believes killed him in Episode 1).
  • Mind the Spikes: Aaron and Emre getting stabbed by spikes and cacti every time they come home, sometimes even fatally
  • Nearly invincible bears
  • Pie Lust: Aaron finally coaxes Emre into giving in and having sex with a blueberry pie.
  • Aaron is convinced something is hidden in the Skyscraper

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Aaron and Emre briefly reminisce about SP Cakes while pondering how to continue the species. (Episode 99 - Zombie Strip Club)

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • Aaron suffers a major freak-out when a pig suddenly rushes him. "I think that was a zombie pig! Because why else would a pig do that? ... It came right for me! Why would it do that?" He has a similar initial reaction to the Very Fine Pigs that appear in Season 9 (Episodes 152 - ongoing).
  • "I love this place! It's really rustic. I could set up a megachurch in this place!" - Emre "In a hobbit house." - Aaron "Yeah, a megachurch in a hobbit house." - Emre "A church devoted to Sauron, I assume?" - Aaron "No, it would be a church devoted to Morgoth, ya dumbass." - Emre (Episode 95 - Feral Zombie Attack) Emre returns to the theme in Hardcore Mordor (Season 8 - 9).
  • When Aaron jokes that zombies stalking him through a bookstore are members of his book club who failed to read Harry Potter, Emre is shocked to hear of people who haven't read the series. Later, in Season 7, Emre hates Harry Potter due to the books' "witchcraft" content. (Perhaps he's finally read the series in the meantime.) (Episode 99 - Zombie Strip Club)

Fun Facts Edit

  • Aaron has read Gulliver's Travels. Emre is vaguely familiar with it only as a Jack Black movie. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
  • Fighting off the Day 14 horde involves firing straight up through an iron grille. This causes Emre to look up and notice the blood moon for the first time. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • Aaron and Emre are losing track of how long it's been since the apocalypse. Aaron thinks he's been traveling with Emre for years, or at least a year.

Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 12 and takes place in a player-modded, randomly generated world map that adds numerous new POIs (points of interest). Alpha 12 introduces a number of notable new features, including mini-bikes, bears, and more varied weather. Zombies now ragdoll when killed, and flashlights can be affixed to guns. Sunrise and sunset are now marked by musical stings. 

A quirk of the early weather system is that Aaron and Emre sometimes perceive different levels of light and fog. Aaron sees near-constant fog, which he blames on hallucinations caused by long-term infection.  

The "invisible bear" that kills Emre in Episode 89 is most likely the result of game lag.  

During this season, Aaron and Emre have day lengths set so that each game day is only slightly longer than a single episode.  

Episodes Edit

7 Days To Die - College Dorm Shack (E085) - GameSocietyPimps21:07

7 Days To Die - College Dorm Shack (E085) - GameSocietyPimps

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