This is about the live action. For the series, see 7 Days to Die.

Aaron and Emre star in the live action version of 7 Days to Die. This is an in house production created by Aaron, Adam, and Emre based off of a series they do on YouTube called 7 Days to Die. Aaron and Emre play as the mad scientist and the religious zealot and act out how some of the scenes of the series would look if it took place in real life.

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Aaron and Emre forage through a dumpster. Later, they go up to the attic to hole up for the night. Aaron exchanges food for a shotgun that Emre has but tricks Emre by giving him pet food twice before actually giving him the beans. Unfortunately, the beans cause Emre to have an upset stomach, notifying the zombies below.

Episode 1 uses 7 days to Die's in-game sound effects to imitate actions found in the game, such as eating, breaking objects, and farting. Farts can be detected by zombies in the game.[1]

Episode 2 Edit

Continuing from the previous episode, Aaron has Emre sit down on a chair blocking the attic entrance from zombies. Aaron believes this is the perfect idea because he thinks Emre is obese. Emre disputes this but Aaron is already planning their next move to try to out maneuver the zombies. Aaron has Emre jump off his chair at his signal and shoot a bazooka at the zombies trying to climb up into the attic.

After shooting the bazooka, the scene cuts to a backyard. The two survivors are sitting at a park bench. Aaron is trying to dare Emre to stick his new plastic bat up his butt and offering a canned peach as prize for accomplishing it.

After reaching to a conclusion to proceed with the dare, they hear a rustling from the direction of the shack. They first think it is a zombie wearing a hazmat suit, but it turns out to be JWM, telling Aaron and Emre that he had found a cure.

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