This is about a character named Aaron in 7 Days to Die. For the Game Society member, see Aaron Yonda.

Aaron is a freelance scientist, responsible for causing the zombie apocalypse in the series 7 Days to Die. The adventure starts when he meets Emre at a nearby gas station during a zombie apocalypse.

Emre and Aaron are unable to find other survivors so they must work together to fight off the zombies. Later on they meet SP Cakes and her friends but they are unable to become friends with them. He does meet other survivors later in the story and forms a community with Emre called Pleasure Town. After a conflict between Emre's followers and Aaron's followers, Aaron forms his own community called Pleasure Shire.

Team Aaron Edit

Starting in a new season, Aaron gains some followers. Followers of Aaron are as follows:

Personality Edit

Amoral Edit

  • Believes that because everyone died in the zombie apocalypse, the post-apocalypse presents a clean slate where anything anyone might have done before the apocalypse - include slapping kids and/or, well, causing the apocalypse, no longer count.

Prankster Edit

  • Fools Emre into eating cat food.
  • Frequently lies about the state of his health or supplies, tricking Emre into giving him first aid, food, and ammo.
  • Likes to play games, such as hitting Emre with a hammer or a nail gun whenever he comes home.

Sexual Deviant Edit

  • Sexually attracted to virtually everything, including animals and vegetables. Describes himself as "omni-curious."
  • The original creator of "pie fucking."
  • Develops a long-term sexual obsession with Emre.
  • Fantasizes that his dream date would be a hybrid blueberry pie-woman he could have sex with and eat at the same time.
  • Occasionally likes to just be swaddled and cuddled like a baby.

Nature Lover Edit

  • Loves trees. This becomes increasingly literal as time goes on.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Aaron initially presents himself as a simple bum and a bit of a loner, but gradually reveals that he was actually the scientist who created the zombie virus that wiped out humanity. Present at ground zero of the zombie apocalypse, he remained totally alone during the collapse of civilization, using his isolation and knowledge of zombies to survive. When he encounters Emre at the start of the series, he assumes that they are probably the only two people left alive.

Aaron has never named his hometown, but his description of "ball scarves" did reveal him to be a northerner (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail). When he was a child, he fell through the roof of his parents' garden shed. He claims that every time he falls now, he relives that childhood trauma. (Episode 4 - All Horde Up).

As a child, Aaron believed in Santa Claus and waited for him on the roof one snowy Christmas Eve. Aaron believes he saw Santa Claus that night, after he fell off the roof and possibly hit his head. As Aaron recalls it, Santa placed little Aaron in his sleigh and took him around to the various houses Santa would break into. Santa wouldn't let Aaron have any of the milk and cookies, but did give him little red capsules to eat. The next morning, Aaron woke up in his own bed, surrounded by presents. Emre believes Aaron was actually raped. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)

Aaron has always loved trees. At some point prior to the apocalypse, he was dating a girl who belonged to the Tree Huggers' Society, and they would sometimes chain themselves to trees to protect them. This was so fun that Aaron would sometimes chain his girlfriend to a tree in their front yard, but not because it needed protection or anything. Sadly, the girl took out a restraining order against him, preventing him from attending meetings or joining the Tree Huggers himself. (Episode 70 - Penetrated)

While bragging about his leather-tanning prowess, Aaron claims to have made "leather stuff" all the time back in the old days. He would tie up all his friends and create "leather secrets." (Episode 75 - Trapped in Trash)

Aaron once owned a dog named Theorem (Episode 78 - Ultra-Heaven) and watched a TV show called Mauled By Animals, narrated by Reese Witherspoon (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion).

Aaron lived in Australia for a while. During this time, he had his own YouTube channel. Mostly he would do how-to videos, but instead of actually showing people how to do stuff, he would throw eggs on the floor and punch creepy babies. It was the best. (Episode 26 - Ho Motel)

Aaron originally confesses to creating the zombie virus on the night he and Emre lay claim to the Pea Factory. He is vague on details at the time, but implies that after losing his job as a scientist for suspicious reasons, he sat at home, watching TV and conducting "little experiments." These "hobbies" consisted of testing the viruses he'd taken from his old job on animals, and may, or may not, have caused the zombie apocalypse. (Episode 16 - Victory at Pea Factory)

One of Aaron's early "test subjects" was a fellow science student Aaron knew at college. Aaron declined to go into any further detail. (Episode 22 - Emre the Deer)

Aaron finally provides details about his zombie research when he and Emre stumble across his old lab in an unnamed countryside. Aaron built a facility in his own home, adding a scientific laboratory around a row of cells in which he stored his undead subjects, all of whom were originally lab assistants in his employ. Aaron created several strains of the zombie virus, giving each strain an old-fashioned name so he wouldn't feel like he was killing people he knew. Aaron named the original zombie strain the "Clarences," though by the time Aaron meets Emre in the apocalypse, they both refer to these large, Hawaiian shirt-wearing zombies simply as "fatties." When his ex-assistant Clarence was still the only zombie in existence, Aaron would relax at night, listening to Clarence scream and cry, and feeding him the occasional hitchhiker.

Aaron soon turned the rest of his assistants into several other original zombie strains, including "Idas" (female zombies), "Rutherfords" (nude walkers), and zombie lumberjacks whose names are not revealed. (Episode 100)

As time - and Alphas - pass in the post-apocalypse, some of these strains eventually disappear, replaced by new, different zombies that Aaron is not familiar with, raising the possibility that the zombie virus has continued to mutate on its own. Aaron even notes that he did not design the zombie cops to vomit; his suggestion that the cops' desire for control somehow manifested in their vomiting hints that the zombie virus' mutations may somehow dimly reflect aspects of the hosts' original personalities. (Episode 101)

Aaron created the zombie virus for private "clients," hinting that his primary occupation may have been developing new forms of biological warfare (as well as other inventions) for the international black market. Despite the source of his funding, Aaron consistently insists that his motivation for creating the zombie virus was as a step toward the goal of unlocking true human immortality, a goal he has continued to pursue in the post-apocalypse whenever possible. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)

Aaron housed his zombie creations in cells made from a completely indestructible "bedrock" substance he had invented for that very purpose. However, each containment cell included a critical design flaw: a viewing window for Aaron's clients to observe his creations. Foolishly, Aaron did not think to block the display windows with metal grates. When a client from the United Arab Emirates excitedly gestured into a cell, one of the trapped zombies managed to chomp down on his hand, infecting him. Busy elsewhere crowing to other clients about his work, Aaron failed to notice the incident. The client soon turned, unleashing the zombie virus into the wild and with it the rapid collapse of civilization and nigh-extinction of humanity. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)

At the time of the zombie outbreak, Aaron had not yet thought about creating a cure for the zombie virus. He chooses not to dwell on his mistake; what's done is done. (Episode 100) He does, however, feel a strange "queasiness" when he thinks of his old facility and the events that played out there, prompting him to never mention its existence to Emre before its accidentally rediscovery. Aaron so dislikes the unfamiliar sensation of guilt that he did not want to stay at his facility, despite its nearly indestructible construction. (Episode 101 - The Facility)

Aaron claims to have had a sister who was ripped apart "by about thirty zombies." At the point he tells this story, however, he is still concealing his true background, so this may be just another joke at Emre's expense. (Episode 7 - Same Faceoff)

The zombie virus was ultimately Aaron's most successful (and destructive) experiment, but he developed other technological wonders as well, some of which were fairly harmless. Other experiments conducted in the lead-up to the zombie virus included:

  • An "organic" hair regrowth treatment that involved placing a layer of topsoil on the subject's head, then planting "chia-like" seeds in the subject's scalp. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
  • "Invisi-bears" (invisible bears). However, while he thought invisible bears are "cool," the prospect of living forever was just more appealing. Sadly, Aaron was never able to determine which would actually be worse: a plague of zombies or a plague of totally invisible bears. Aaron was under the impression that none of his invisi-bears had survived, but was less certain after something invisible killed Emre. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)

Forts Edit

Aaron's forts tend to be more open and easy to run around in, while still easy to defend and extremely difficult to tear down. His forts are well lit and are designed for s*x. His main defenses are spikes and deep ditch around his fort.

Aaron is the one who builds the forts while Emre goes exploring and gets supplies. Aaron hates going out to the city and generally only goes there when forced to by Emre. Aaron prefers to build his own fort instead taking an already standing structure.

Pea Factory Edit

Ho Motel Edit

  • Roof
  • Hole
    • High vaulted ceiling, with a foyer, large bed, and a hot tub

Casa De Sex Palace Edit

  • Well lit with torches; wide, open spaces, defense was a d*ck tower and a wooden fence

Ultra-Heaven Edit

  • A series of bridges between houses and buildings, easily defended by running around and shooting zombies

Dorm Shack Edit

  • Smallest Base Ever; Aaron found it already set up and surrounded by defensive cacti. Aaron and Emre deserted it for Kill Grille

Kill Grille Edit

  • Aaron and Emre find this underground bunker, Aaron fortifies it and puts in a kill grille to shoot zombies from underneath them and still be able to collect the items.

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort Edit

  • Nearly invincible, Emre had to completely blow up the entire foundation before it started to fall down. Very open and well lit, defended by spikes, a deep chasm, and a void.

Pleasure Town Edit

  • Open, well lit, defended by spikes and a deep ditch; had metal bars to shoot through and a roof garden to snipe from; had a lab underneath that Graskull blew up to blow up Emrs's followers as they attempted to sabotage it. Graskull rebuilt the lab later.

Pleasure Shire Edit

  • Large, open spaces. Has a forest with igloos within the walls. Nearly impenetrable walls. Emre and his disciples attempted to break in but failed. Had an even more advanced lab underneath.

Trivia Edit

  • Aaron generally has little regard for morals. In Season 5, he and Emre visit Aaron's old lab, where he created (and accidentally unleashed) the zombie virus. He shows some remorse for causing the zombie apocalypse and the demise of 6 billion people and attempts to absolve himself of guilt by tearing down the skyscraper in the city.[1]
  • Aaron doesn't know what the word "altruistic" means.
  • Aaron repeatedly trips over the plural of the word "safe." "Safes? Saves?"
  • Mysteriously, Aaron has turned physically female twice in the series. He prefers not to acknowledge this (in Episode 117 admitting only that he is "exploring his feminine side"), so it has gone completely unexplained (though not unnoticed by Emre). The transformation does not alter Aaron voice, his personality, or Emre's feelings toward him.

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