Aaron Yonda is a costar commentator of Game Society and editor for the 7 Days to Die series. Aside from working on his gaming channel, he creates Chad Vader and Beer and Board Games videos with the Blame Society Films.

Appearances Edit

Aaron appears in most Game Society videos alongside costar Emre Cihangir. Aaron tends to take on multiple characters in each series, often playing as the protagonist. Aaron has played a character on the following series.

Skyrim For Pimps Edit

In the most popular series on his gaming channel, Skyrim For Pimps, Aaron voices for all of the main characters. The main characters are Fun Tits, Crotch Guzzler, S'oggyballs, Cock Nibbler, and General Burnside.

Aaron himself appears in Skyrim For Pimps, as one of the gods.

Fallout For Pimps Edit

Similar to Skyrim For Pimps, Aaron voices for all of the protagonists in this series. Currently, the series has a total of three seasons and each season has its own main character: Thrusty Puss for Fallout 3 For Pimps, Fap P. Underboob for Fallout New Vegas For Pimps, and Humongous Nipple for Fallout 4 Pimps.

7 Days to Die Edit

Aaron plays a mad scientist in a post apocalyptic world that he himself created.

The Angry Hunter Edit

In the series, the Angry Hunter, Aaron is a father and hunter to his son, Cole (played by Emre Cihangir). He is known for his abusive actions toward his son.

Far Cry Primal For Pimps Edit

Aaron plays as a prehistoric man named Glug in a prehistoric world. He roams the land of Oros with his no-so-trusty Owl (played by Emre Cihangir)

GTA For Pimps Edit

Aaron plays as a former heist man named Michael, who is having a mid-life crisis. He becomes an owner of Hookies, a family restaurant overrun by biker gangs.

Yakuza 0 For Pimps Edit

Aaron's cohost Emre plays as the protagonist of the series while Aaron voices over everyone else in the game. The protagonist is a former member of a mafia in 1980s Japan who interacts with both the odd commoners and the underground crime world.

The following is a list of series where Aaron appears as himself or without a specific character.

Huniepop, Guys Vs Games, Mario Kart Playoffs, Gang Beasts, Scribblenauts, Far Cry 4 Pimps, Ride to Hell Retribution, Skyrim - You Choose What We Do, and Disneyland Adventures. In many of these videos, Aaron engages in friendly banter with Emre.

Personality Edit

Aaron displays a more sadistic character in the Game Society videos.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known as Cape Date because he once wore a cape on a first date.
  • He is a Mario Kart 64 Tournament Champion.
  • The 2007 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, George Lucas Selects Award to Aaron and Matt Sloan for Chad Vader: Day-Shift Manager, their Blame Society Films series, Lucas called Aaron "Aaron Yoda."
  • When Emre makes a pun, Aaron will either berate him or pretend like he misunderstands.
  • Aaron most commonly insults people by comparing them to or calling them "taints."

Other ventures Edit

Blame Society Films Edit

Main article: Aaron Yonda (Beer and Board Games Wiki)

He is a co-founder of the Blame Society Films, which produced Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager and produces Beer and Board Games (Beer and Board Games Wiki). He is well known in the internet space as Chad Vader.[1]

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