Aaron Yonda (born January 19, 1973) is an American comedian, writer, director, producer, and actor for Game Society and editor for the 7 Days to Die series. Aside from working on his gaming channel, he is the founder of Blame Society Films. The company is famous for the web-series Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager. Aaron co-produced the series with Matt Sloan and plays Chad Vader. Aaron and Matt are currently co-producers and co-hosts for the show Beer and Board Games and Rated RPG.

Early life and education Edit

Aaron was born on a farm in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and graduated with an English degree.[1]

Blame Society Films Edit

Before the turn of the century in 1993, Aaron founded Blame Society Production and produced The Splu Urtaf Show as a public access television show.[2][3][4] With his friend, Matt Sloan, who joined the company in 2001, they would go on to create a wildly successful YouTube series by the name of Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (Wikipedia).[5][6]

In 2006, Aaron produced a short film, The Life and Death of a Pumpkin. The film was awarded "Best Short Film" and "Best Concept" by the Chicago Horror Film Festival and have been screened at festivals worldwide including The Super Shorts Film Festival in London, and the Clair-Obscur Film Festival in Basel, Switzerland.[7] The short has also been shown in classrooms across the United States as educational material.

In 2010, Aaron piloted a show called Beer and Board Games. Faithful to its title, Aaron and his co-host Matt invite guest comedians and play various board games while drinking craft beers. The show has featured many well known guests such as author John Green, YouTuber Hank Green, and music creator Kevin Macleod.[8]

Additionally, Blame Society Films has produced comedy films for Google, NBC’s Community, BBC America, Trident, Jarritos, and International Trucking.[9]

Blame Society Films has a second channel on YouTube, blamesociety2, which focuses mainly on the eccentric character Hal Thompson, played by Aaron. Hal is known for "ham, goats, and miniature couches for obvious reason."

Game Society Edit

In 2011, Aaron co-founded a gaming channel, Game Society (formerly known as GameSocietyFilms and GameSocietyPimps) with Emre Cihangir and Adam Koralik. Aaron, with his co-host Emre, provides comedic gaming commentary, often telling stories and epics with crude humor. In many of these videos, Aaron engages in friendly banter with Emre.

Partnering with voice actor Jason Stephens, they have created multiple series with celebrities playing video games including Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman, former President Obama. These videos are sometimes collectively known as a "Walkenthrough" and are produced for Machinima and machinimarespawn.

In late 2011, Game Society piloted Skyrim For Pimps, an epic tale of zany protagonists marketed as "a very special kind of walkthrough." Aaron co-directs and co-produces the series, and is known as the voices of all of the protagonists. It has become one of the most popular series on his gaming channel, continuing for six seasons. Aaron himself appears in Skyrim For Pimps, as one of the gods.

Following the success of the Skyrim series, Game Society launched Fallout For Pimps. Similar to Skyrim, Fallout 3 provided Game Society a chance to tell a comedic story with its open world interactive gameplay. Like Skyrim For Pimps, Aaron voiced for all of the protagonists in this series playing across three Fallout games.

Around this time, Game Society began playing hunting games, most of them being low cost games. Aaron, Adam, and Emre often criticized the quality of the games. The concept of "father and son" is later adopted when they play a "Cabela's" game. Aaron plays as the father and hunter to his son, Cole (played by Emre Cihangir). The series is collectively known as the Angry Hunter.

Starting in mid 2013, Adam forced Aaron to play Disneyland Adventures, for the Kinect. This game has been a top requested game among fans since Aaron has shown extreme displeasure when playing this game. This displeasure is compounded when Adam shows off his crude vocal impressions of Disney characters, most frequently Mickey and Stitch. The series has been discontinued due to Aaron's high level of dissatisfaction towards this game. Currently, convincing Aaron to play Disneyland Adventures again is the highest crowdfunding goal on Patreon.

In September 2013, GTA V was released. Game Society quickly created a series called GTA For Pimps where Aaron plays as a former heist man named Michael, who is having a mid-life crisis. He becomes an owner of Hookies, a family restaurant overrun by biker gangs. Aaron later plays online and with mods, salvaging the game that has dropped off in popularity.

Starting in late 2013 but continuing onto 2014, Aaron and Emre played Ride to Hell: Retribution, a game that got a 19 out of 100 on Metacritic for the PC version, a user score of 1.3 out of 10 and made Wikipedia's list of video games notable for negative reception. They describe this as the worst game that also almost destroyed their company. See Ride to Hell Retribution.

In the spring of 2014, Aaron and Emre started a series playing a game called 7 Days to Die, an open world survival game in development. They play the roles of mad scientist and zealot respectively. While most content of Game Society is edited by Emre, 7 Days to die is edited by Aaron. Initially, the edits were not aggressive, leaving much of the content uncut. Later episodes have been heavier in terms of edits.

In early 2016, Emre returned from a short hiatus and they began a series known as Far Cry Primal For Pimps. Aaron plays as a prehistoric man named Glug in a prehistoric world. He roams the land of Oros with his not-so-trusty Owl (played by Emre Cihangir)

In early 2017, Adam introduced a game called Yakuza 0 to Aaron and Emre marking the beginning of the series, Yakuza 0 For Pimps. Emre plays as the protagonist of the series while Aaron voices over the NPCs in the game. The protagonist is a former member of a mafia in 1980s Japan who tries his hardest to leave his past life behind. Yakuza 0 For Pimps has become one of the most popular series among Game Society fans.

Game Society makes many other videos and series. For more series, see Category:Series.

Personal life Edit

He has a very successful personal life.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known as Cape Date because he once wore a cape on a first date.
  • He is a Mario Kart 64 Tournament Champion.
  • In the 2007 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, Blame Society Films' directors Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan were selected to receive the George Lucas Selects Award for Chad Vader: Day-Shift Manager. When awarding the prize, Lucas called Aaron "Aaron Yoda."
  • When Emre makes a pun, Aaron will either berate him or pretend like he misunderstands.
  • Aaron most commonly insults people by comparing them to or calling them "taints."
  • When asked, "what is on television and on radio in your personal hell?" Aaron has stated that he dislikes the song "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. No explanation was given and the comment was made while drunk. [10][11]

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References Edit

  3. Levy, Frederick (3 June 2008). 15 Minutes of Fame: Becoming A Star In The Youtube Revolution. DK Publishing. pp.86–88. ISBN 978-1-4362-4323-0

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