Bruce is a talking tumor attached to Humongous Nipple. Bruce is voiced by Emre Cihangir. Bruce provides friendly banter for Humongous Nipple even though he could be pretty steadfast with the puns.

Bruce once confessed his love to Humongous Nipple, even though he has told her he was gay. His playfulness is apparent when he booby trapped Fallon's so he can have her babies.

This was when Bruce told Humongous Nipple that her armor needed a paint job. Humongous Nipple decided she wants to paint her armor pink, so she heads over to Fallon's to buy pink paint. She finds out that Fallon's is booby trapped all over the place and decides that she's going to be careful and deactivates all of the traps on the first level. Bruce expresses disappointment and confesses that Bruce played a trick on Humongous Nipple and he was the one meticulously setting up all the traps.

B.R.U.C.E. Edit

Bruce gets a robot body (that doesn't have a head) in episode 23. Knocking off Bruce's front plate becomes one of Humongous Nipple's favorite pastime. Bruce eventually gets upgraded so he is more useful in combat.

B.R.U.C.E stood for:

  • Big Really Ugly Cock Emre
  • Brazenly Ruthless Utter Castration Engine
  • Brutal Rape Unit Called Emre

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