Bwett is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episodes 119 - 139, 140 - 151, and 152 - ongoing. Bwett is played by a fan.


Story Edit

Bwett is a new recruit that found his way to Aaron's radio tower after it began to broadcast a message about a safe zone called Pleasure Town; a residential area built by Aaron and Emre during the zombie apocalypse. He arrived a day after the rest of the survivors. He is known for his sh*t flinging and his puns.

He is married to Metastergo as a replacement due to Graskull remaining in Pleasure Town nursing a broken pelvis. His marriage with Metastergo is basically in name only, although he does help raise Metastergo 's devil babies.

Team Preference Edit

Bwett never chose a faction over another, he left Pleasure Town with Emre because Emre had killed him the least. When Emre sends him to infiltrate Pleasure Town, he gets confused about the plan and stays with Aaron's team. Kaydalyn convinces Bwett to help her convince Emre to realize JWM's insanity, but Emre ends up sacrificing Bwett for a ritual to bring a holy beast into Kaydalyn, not realizing she wasn't a virgin.

Bwett and Bewt T Edit

Main article: Bewt T

Team Emre sent Bwett undercover to Pleasure Shire in order to retrieve Metastergo. Their plan had Bwett disguise himself as a woman when infiltrating Aaron's base. Shortly after, a lady named Bewt T appears in front of Pleasure Shire's gates and Team Aaron accepts her into their base.

Confusion occurs when Team Emre attacks Pleasure Shire to bring Bwett and metastergo back to Hardcore Mordor. Bewt T was unaware of what the signal was to get Metastergo out and stayed in Pleasure Shire even after Emre, JWM, and Kaydalyn attempted a raid on it. It is uncertain if Bewt T and Bwett are the same person.

Bwett and Bewt T both appear during Episode 152 - Ongoing in the subplot, where Aaron and Emre's followers live their days in Pleasure Shire after their bosses get sent to the future. Bwett tries to get into Graskull's exclusive club, seeing Bewt T as one of the dancers there.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Bwett was framed by his father for being the "Fiesta Doo-Doo Man." The "Fiesta Doo-Doo Man" (Bwett's father) microwaved his poo and sprinkled it on people's pastries. His name was Walter Why the Gray and he was a meth wizard. Bwett hails from Florida.

Episodes 152 - Ongoing Edit

In this new season, Bwett does not appear to have changed at all. It is revealed that Bwett transcends all the various dimensions in the void. Bwett owns a bar called Fecal Fridayz. He is trying to save people from High Priestess Kay and Arch-Paladin Jub by having them swim in a giant toilet that soils them enough that Kay and Jub don't want to do anything with them. He does, however, ultimately obey High Priestess Kay, even betraying Aaron and Emre to her and Jub at one point. It is suspected that Kay uses Bwett for sex.

Quotes Edit

  • "I see a bright light, oh wait, that was just a muzzle-flash, you d*ck!" After Aaron shot him for throwing poo (Episode 125 - Super Explosion)
  • "Aaron, you have been saving up turds in this fancy toilet over here!" (Episode 131 - Glory of the Lord Hole)
  • "Do you really think that a guy who plays with his own shit is a threat to your manhood? That sounds like phallic fecal envy to me." After Graskull gets really upset about Metastergo marrying Bwett. (Episode 134 - Goodbye Emre)

"Tell your wife I love her" variations Edit

  • "Tell your wife I love her" (Episode 123 - Church Lovin')
  • "Tell your wife I still love her" (Episode 123 - Church Lovin')
  • "Tell your wives I love them" (Episode 124 - Explosive Science)
  • "Tell my wife I love her" (Episode 130 - The Demon SP Cakes)

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