Chocolate Hipster Dragon is a dragon in Scribblenauts, who was a lizard destined to grow up to become the terror of the kingdom. In order to make the lizard evil, Aaron and Emre describes the dragon as Hitler. Instead, the game made the lizard a hipster, wearing glasses and a beret.

The Chocolate Hipster Dragon made a comeback when a mortician needed to put somebody of high stature into a sarcophagus. The Chocolate Hipster Dragon was selected after trying other candidates, like a fish, which the mortician did not consider of high enough consequence.

The Dark Chocolate Hipster Dragon was covered in Starbucks napkins and was embalmed with the coolest liquid Aaron and Emre could think of: coolant. He was turned into a Chocolate Hipster Mummy holding a coffee in its hand.

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 2 - Unlimited Hipster Dragon
  • Episode 4 - Madness Engulfed Goat
  • Episode 5 - Chocolate Hipster Mummy

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