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Crotch Guzzler is the second hero of the epic Skyrim For Pimps Saga, an Altmer mage with some extremely deep-rooted psychological issues and an absurd, inexplicable obsession with skulls.

Appearances Edit

Season 2 & 3 Edit

Crotch was the main star of the second season of Skyrim for Pimps. He attended the College of Winterhold where he "followed people, read books, and sat around a lot." After Crotch defeated Ancano and became Arch Mage of the College, he left and married Ysolda.

In the third season, Crotch got the pancake recipe from Fun Tits after he revived Astrid.

Season 4 Edit

During the beginning of the fourth season, Crotch found out how to read the pancake recipe and adopted two kids. After he made the pancakes, he finds out the pancakes contained poison and killed his family (or so he thought). He then went to the College of Winterhold, where he apologized to the people he had killed and then killed himself.

At the end of season 4, it is revealed that Library Land was made by Miraak, who turned out to be Crotch. Crotch did so in order to get revenge on Fün Tits, who, he believed at the time, killed his family. They got into a fight but was stopped by Cock Nibbler.

Season 5 Edit

Crotch's role was limited in season five. He was forced to hear S'oggyballs' whole origin for weeks. After his story was finished, the Dragonborn and S'oggy went to Cock Tower, but not before Crotch revives S'oggy's wife Aela. Once Skooma Parley begins, he finds that Crotch and the other Dragonborns had betrayed S'oggy. Crotch kills him and his wife.


Crotch Guzzler is married to Ysolda. It was revealed in season five that he got drunk one night and proposed. He has two adopted children, Hroar (whom he shouted off the roof and killed) and Runa Fair-Shield. They were all murdered by S'oggyballs.


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