This is about a character named Emre in 7 Days to Die. For the Game Society member, see Emre Cihangir.

Emre is a religious zealot, in the series 7 Days to Die. A former Sunday School teacher, he had just attacked one of his students and was on the run from the law when the zombie apocalypse suddenly destroyed civilization. The adventure starts when he meets Aaron at a gas station in Navezgane County, Arizona.

Emre prefers to go out exploring while Aaron remains behind and builds the fort.

Since Emre and Aaron are unable to find other survivors, they work together fighting off the zombies, building forts, and having a little bit of fun (see blueberry pie).

After jumping into the Void, Aaron and Emre work together to form a community called Pleasure Town, in which they lived with six other survivors. After a conflict between Aaron's followers and Emre's followers, Emre forms his own community called Hardcore Mordor.

He currently leads a group of religious followers called the Disciples of Despair.

Team Emre Edit

Personality Edit

  • Zealously religious and socially intolerant.
  • Frequently misinterprets or invents Biblical scripture to support whatever argument he is making at that given moment.
  • Much of his religious philosophy seems to be based on half-remembered episodes of VeggieTales.
  • Rather amiable, but prone to fits of rage.
  • Loves puns (i.e. Geordi La ForgeMaster). (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
  • Views on sexuality are internally inconsistent but generally repressive. At times he has claimed to have had girlfriends, and often expresses lust for women, but at other times he is opposed to premarital sex. When pressed for details, he demonstrates little actual knowledge of sex or reproduction. He describes the missionary position as "regular sex," and "doggy style" as its "evil opposite."
  • Generally opposed to the fantasy genre (he hates Harry Potter and has never seen The Neverending Story), due to its "witchcraft" content, but loves and is very knowledgeable about The Lord of the Rings. Early in the series, Emre claims to have never seen A Game of Thrones, but by Episode 118 (Enter the Void) he's learned enough to reference the Red Wedding, the Lannisters, and the Boltons.
  • Opposed to cannibalism, but enjoys decorating his homes with human corpses which he then uses for storage. Still a little weirded out when other people do it, though.

 Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Emre was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, "the city that killed President John F. Kennedy" in the "greatest state in the country." As a child, his goal in life was to get dysentery just like all his friends, but his mother kept badgering him not to. Fortunately for Emre's mother, he didn't know how to catch dysentery; he just wanted to be cool (Episode 26 - Ho Motel). He had friends of all different races and ethnicities, but he never had a Native American friend, which he regrets (Episode 18 - Forging Iron Man).

Emre never played video games as a child, being too busy worshiping. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)

One of Emre's teachers used the "scream learning" method: "The louder you learn, the longer you live," they explained. For this reason, Emre prefers to scream while reading. (Episode 93)

Emre's Sunday School teacher taught him the Little Dancer game, which involved a "little dancer," a leather thong, and a camera. Emre appears to be oblivious to the connotations of the "game," and Aaron chose not to dwell on the subject. (Episode 27 - Dear Penthouse Suites)

Emre also talks about playing another "game" with his father called "Cave Explorer." Aaron is initially reluctant to hear anymore, but relents. Emre describes his father as a good, God-fearing man (who claimed everyone played "Cave Explorer" with their kids). Emre's father would play Cave Explorer with Emre whenever he was "really, really, really bad" instead of spanking him. "It felt good and it felt bad at the same time, that was what made it special."[1] As with Little Dancer, Emre seems oblivious to the overtones of child abuse. Unlike Little Dancer, Emre has not played Cave Explorer in many years. However, he credits the game with his lifelong love of digging and exploring caves. As an adult, he once went spelunking with his church group. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)

Emre never took Shop class in high school. Despite this, he's confident that it's possible to build shovels. (Episode 35 - Home Sweet Hole)

At the time of the zombie apocalypse, Emre was roughly 26 years old (backdating from Episode 56), and had become a Sunday School teacher himself. Living somewhere north of Arizona, he now taught the Little Dancer game to his own students. When a student named Grace threw a water balloon at his face and kicked him in the balls, he smacked her hard enough to knock her down and break her glasses. Emre then immediately hopped on a bus out of town to evade arrest. He had fled "halfway to Mexico" when the zombie virus broke out, leaving him stranded in Navezgane with little knowledge of or experience with battling zombies. (Episode 4 - All Horde Up)

Emre changes his story on one later occasion, claiming that the police were investigating his assault when the house where Grace lived with her grandparents "randomly" burned down a week before his court date, supposedly resulting in the family's deaths and causing the police to drop the case against him. (Episode 76 - Halfway House?)


Emre's forts tend to look more like prisons, with just a touch of Silent Hill flavor. They are often underground so that he can mine for fun. They are usually constructed from a lot of rusty metal, admit little light, and may be decorated with a few dead bodies that he like to store things in. His defensive systems usually involve explosives.

Emre is notoriously bad at building; when he tries to help Aaron, he ends up breaking the supports and breaking either his or Aaron's legs multiple times. Emre always prefers to take over another fort (or rely on Aaron or his followers) rather than build his own.

House/Barn (Season 1) Edit

  • Emre stole this farmhouse from Aaron even though he had chosen the barn. Aaron blew it up in protest.

Pea Factory (Season 1) Edit

  • A large factory with a high roof and tall ladder (made by Aaron) to the top. Aaron blew it up because Emre banished him.

Ho Motel (Season 2) Edit

  • Roof
    • Had two large mounds with clay blocks on top to look like nipples. Aaron and Emre each had their own rooms. Included Bee Death Boulevard, which repeatedly caved in, causing Aaron to fall three flights down every night, all the way to the ground floor, where he would get swarmed by hordes of zombies.
  • Hole
    • Deep hole under the Ho Motel with a ladder that they forgot to block up every night. Had a low roof. Emre carved out a branching a tunnel system to confuse zombies (a plan that almost worked); one tunnel ultimately led to the city for escape

Christ Tower (Season 3) Edit

  • Christ Hole: A deep pit in the center of the tower that was filled with spikes, but also had a staircase leading out.
  • Extremely dark and tall, had a spiral staircase without rails so it was extremely easy to fall into the Christ Hole.

Dorm Shack (Season 5) Edit

  • An already-fortified shack Aaron found. An incredibly small fort that had just enough room for their bed, a forge, campfire, and their storage chests. Aaron and Emre had to jump around on top of their furniture to move.

Kill Grille (Season 5) Edit

  • Fortified by Aaron; an underground bunker with an escape tunnel into a house. Also had a grille in the roof to shoot zombies through.

Snow Mansion (Season 6) Edit

  • Had an underground tunnel/escape route. Had explosive barrels surrounding a giant hole for defense.

Pleasure Town (Season 7) Edit

  • A fortified suburban house with a locked God-summoning chamber. Easy to defend; had metal bars on the windows and a spiked moat. God-praising and bee-hating slogans written on all the walls.
  • Super Church: Built from scratch across the street. A blocky concrete structure Emre intended to use to sermonize to the denizens of Pleasure Town; it also concealed the entrance to tunnels Emre secretly dug to undermine Aaron's base.

Hardcore Mordor (Season 8) Edit

  • Built on the side of a looming, burned mountain (nicknamed Mount Doom).
  • Located next door to a trading outpost, where most building materials were purchased.
  • Built entirely by Emre's Disciples of Despair while he napped.
  • Buildings consisted of a ramshackle shack, an elephant-shaped "apartment" for Disciple Kay, and a cobblestone church.

Hardcore Mordor (Season 9) Edit

  • Built by the supernaturally powered minions of God-Emperor Emre, an evil version of Emre in a parallel dimension.
  • A sprawling complex with massive gates and numerous spiked towers, most notably the God-Emperor's Spire atop the peak of Mount Doom. Disciple Kay's elephant apartment was replaced by a massive Behemoth-shaped temple.
  • High Priestess Kay's cathedral and inner sanctum located beneath the foot of Mount Doom (directly below the God-Emperor's Spire)
  • Design was a jumbled blend of Christian cathedrals, ancient Greek temples, and the film version of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings

Trivia Edit

  • Attracts giant bees
    • Aaron warns Emre of bee attacks with "buh buh buh buh bees."
  • Initially disdainful of Aaron's blueberry pie fetish, but eventually gives in (Episode 90). He later blames the pie sex for their damnation.
  • Ate cat food twice; once thanks to Aaron's trickery, once out of total desperation.
  • Grace, the girl he slapped for throwing a water balloon at him, also kicked him in the privates (Episode 4 - All Horde Up)
  • Emre's Prayer: "Our Lord in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name / Thy hand is hairy, Thy beard is long / Give us this day our daily ammo / And forgive us our trespasses / Like when Aaron trespassed into my house and blew it all up / And lead us not into the jaws of the mighty invisible dogs / But deliver us from zombies / For Thine is the Kingdom / and the fire axe / and the rocket launcher / and the automatic machine gun / and the gun case filled with everything I could ever possibly want / The End, Amen." (Episode 10 - Cabin in the Woods)
  • Likes to put corpses in his houses, name them, and store things in them
  • Very knowledgeable about vikings, having studied them because they often attacked Christians. ("You have to know your enemy.") Emre proudly states that if he ever meets any Scandinavian or German people, he will kill them. (Episode 76 - Halfway House?)
  • Claims that while the Bible forbids him from marrying multiple wives, "banging" lots of women to jump-start the species (like Noah) would be fine. (Episode 82 - Attack At Dawn)
  • Believes that dinosaurs, humans, mammoths, and Jesus lived at the same time (4,625 years ago). (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • Refuses to describe how to play Cave Explorer, insisting that it should only be played between father and son. He rejects Aaron's overtly sexual guesses, including that it involves pulling his pants down. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
  • Believes that makeup was invented to fool men into thinking women are attractive, and recalls a time (the 1980s) when makeup was considered Satanic and women would be hanged for wearing it. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • Favorite U.S. President was "George Herbert Walken Bush" and his catchphrase "Whoa! Strategery!" (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • Big Miley Cyrus fan. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)

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