"There can be only pun"

  ―Emre Cihangir, 2013

"Do not quote me"

  ―Emre Cihangir, 2016

Emre Cihangir is a costar commentator of Game Society and is the main editor for Game Society.

He goes by the name Emre but many of his fans have called him Emron, Emrambe, Femre, and even Amtrak.

Appearances Edit

Emre appears in most Game Society videos alongside costar Aaron Yonda. He famously appears in Skyrim For Pimps as S'oggyballs conscience. He stars in Skyrim For Pimps, Fallout For Pimps, 7 Days to Die, Huniepop, GTA For Pimps, Guys Vs Games, the Angry Hunter, Mario Kart Playoffs, Gang Beasts, Scribblenauts, Far Cry Primal For Pimps, Ride to Hell Retribution, Skyrim - You Choose What We Do, and Disneyland Adventures. In most these videos, Emre engage in banter with Aaron.

Emre himself appears in Skyrim For Pimps, as one of the gods.

Upcoming Conventions Edit

  • Emre-con - Undisclosed location
    • 24/7

Personality Edit

Emre is known for his puns, most of which Aaron have commented are terrible.

Trivia Edit

  • Emre went to the same middle school as Andy Herren (Wikipedia),  the winner of Big Brother 15.[1] Emre and Andy made fun of the underclassmen in their gym class as they sat out because they were overweight.
  • When singing, he enjoys replacing words with a "you" sound ending with the word "poo"
  • Emre is unable to control his farts

Comic BookEdit

A fan, Ashley Bauer, began a comic book about Emre titled "Emre Escapes" however, the project was never finished.


Other venturesEdit

Along with Adam Koralik, he founded FigureItOut Productions.[2]

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