Aaron and Emre play Enderal, an adventure game built using The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's platform. The story takes place in a country called Enderal on planet Vyn featuring Juggs Bonerhound. She is Half Arazealean.

She first arrives on the shores Enderal and discovers that she has mystical powers. The story follows Juggs's adventure in Enderal learning how to use magic and try to make sense of her ominous nightmares doing odd jobs for the crazy and sane along the way.

Jason Stephens has voiced two of the characters in this game.

Characters Edit

  • Juggs Bonerhound - Juggs is a woman of unknown past who has a weird hobby of kissing and making everyone kiss animals. She also appears to have an obsession with dead rats. She is quite promiscuous and tends to be scattered brain.
  • Conscience - Jugg's Conscience is very obsessed with Arby's and talks about it all the time.

Recurring themes Edit

  • Referencing Arby's Gyro whenever Yero's name comes up

Episodes Edit

Skyrim for Pimps ENDERAL - Dude Gets Exploded (EP 08) - Game Society17:23

Skyrim for Pimps ENDERAL - Dude Gets Exploded (EP 08) - Game Society

Episode 8 - Dude Gets Exploded

Juggs inspects a gold penny with a lion on it's back. She finds lube oil and saves it in case of a rainy day. Juggs gets cookies from a man who promptly explodes by a woman who appeared and disappeared. The man turned into purple playdoh when he exploded. Juggs finds another rat that she holds around as she walks. People then line up to touch the rat and a dog chases Juggs and the rat around. She finds the original rat and places it in a well as she talks to the Mayor about his dead wife and her affair.

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