Epsilon One is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episodes 119 - 139, 140 - 151, and 152 - Ongoing. Epsilon One is played by a fan.


Story Edit

Epsilon One is a new recruit that found new recruit that found his way to Aaron's radio tower after it began to broadcast a message about a safe zone called Pleasure Town; A residential area built by Aaron and Emre during the zombie apocalypse.  Upon choosing which team to join, Team Aaron or Team Emre, he chose Team Aaron along with metastergo and Graskull. He is known for his Irish accent and for getting his house blown up.

Due to Aaron's time machine invention, Epsilon One has turned into a leprechaun, a stereotype Irishman have to face. His name is changed to Elfilon after this transformation.

Unknown to the rest, the tinkering of Aaron's time machine by a confused Graskull, may have lead to Elfilon developing a taste for man flesh. As the series progressed he become more feral, losing the ability to talk as he downed pound after pound of man flesh. When Metastergo and Graskull became pregnant and gave birth, Elfilon saw their offspring as a potential food source. However that idea was short lived as when he struck a baby, the maternal Graskull put him down with a sledgehammer.

Prior to Team Emre's rescue from their new base, Elfilon had regained the ability to speak and think about stuff other than man flesh. He played a vital role in teleporting Team Emre during a blood moon.

Episodes 152 - Ongoing Edit

Elfilon discovered a mine of gold,but realizing he had to split it 6 ways, he and Graskull worked up a plan. Graskull stole all the gold so that everyone would think he is tough, then he split it with Elfilon. However, Elfilon was upset about his share of the wealth, and so he killed Graskull and made a wish that he was taller. He became taller but was then promptly killed by a large, purple, mutant Graskull. He appears to be able to keep this larger state of being through his deaths, unlike Graskull, who goes back to "normal" when he is killed.

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