"Fallout 4 Pimps" is a "let's play" series created by Aaron Yonda, Emre Cihangir, and Adam Koralik. While the show is part of the Fallout For Pimps universe, Fallout 4 Pimps does not build upon the other series, Fallout 3 For Pimps and Fallout New Vegas For Pimps. The show has been featured in the number one spot for the Fallout 4 edition of's Let's Play Countdown.[1]

Emre and Aaron hilariously play through the game Fallout 4 as Humongous Nipple, the sole survivor. Mrs. Nipple lives with her husband Nate, a retired wizard, and they had a child together, a baby boy named Shaun. They also employed a robot servant named Codsworth.

The story starts when Nate runs out the door with Shaun. Mrs. Nipple chases after Nate and reaches a military enclosure. A nuclear bomb goes off as Mrs. Nipple and her family descends into the bunker at the enclosure. The facility operators instruct them to go into a capsule to be sanitized but instead gets cryogenically frozen.

For a brief moment, Mrs. Nipple awakens only to watch the facility operators wrestle away Shaun and kill her husband in the process. At this moment, Mrs. Nipple decides to get revenge on everyone involved.

Now with her husband dead and her baby missing, Mrs. Nipple goes on a quest to find her missing child and perhaps another husband.

Characters Edit

  • Protagonist:
  • Companions:
    • B.R.U.C.E.
    • Dogmeat, Fucker, or Souldog
    • Codsworth
    • Piper
    • Nick Valentine
    • MacCready
    • Celine D-bot
  • Other Characters:
    • Shaun Nipple, "Father" at the Institute
    • Mama Murphy
    • Jun Long

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Pre-release and unboxingEdit

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Game Society's Fallout 4 Pimps was featured in WatchMojo's Let's Play Countdown in the number one spot for Fallout 4 let's plays.[1] While the host had a problem with the creator's channel name (which was at the time called "GameSocietyPimps"), he was impressed by playthrough for discovering the lockpicking glitch that allowed Dogmeat to take the cryolator early on in the game.

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