Fawkes first appeared in Fallout 3 For Pimps during season 1 episode 28, "Kids Say the Dumbest Things". Fawkes is a Vault 87 mutant that was trapped in a prison cell for being an outsider of his race. When Thrusty Puss arrives at the vault looking for the G.E.C.K Fawkes offers to help her in return for his release. After he gave Thrusty the G.E.C.K and she was captured by the Enclave Fawkes decided to rescue her. Thrusty then decided Fawkes would be a better companion than Clover and attempts to recruit him, but is dismayed to find out her karma isn't high enough to get Fawkes. Thrusty eventually returns in episode 41, 'The Incredible Fawkes', to recruit him after she increases her karma to very good. He was only with her for that one episode, however, as Thrusty then sets off for Point Lookout, leaving her companions behind.

After Thrusty released Fawkes from his cell, she is immediately impressed not only by his effectiveness in combat but also his capacity for one liners, a skill which she later adopts herself. Fawkes was Thrusty's companion for a short time as Thrusty left for Point Lookout soon after recruiting him and, as she commits suicide soon after her return, he never gets the opportunity to follow her again. Even had she not committed suicide, it would be unlikely that Fawkes would continue to follow her after she went on her mass-murdering spree, killing many innocents and lowering her karma once again.

One-Liners Edit

  • "Your death is my victory!"
  • "I only kill to know I am alive!"

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