Game Society 2 (stylized as GameSociety2) or GSP 2 is home to the Game Society Pimps' second channel. Their second channel serves as a place to test their streams, host after parties, archive old Twitch streams, and occasionally hold special live events. Their special live streams on this channel tend to feature longer air times than the live shows on their main channel, and have typically offered a more "gaming-centric" commentary style (rather than focus on comedy). Fans still find their streams humorous and entertaining nonetheless.

For the streams in question, go to the Game Society 2 YouTube Channel.

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The Game Society Pimps will typically stream their live show after parties on this second channel. Their after parties can be accessed through their Patreon page. Other streams that are not after parties have also been live streamed irregularly on the channel and the Game Society Pimps have announced on their main channel that they intend to continue to do so.

In addition to the live streams, Aaron Yonda uploaded discussion videos when he attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known as E3) in 2018. He described his experiences at the expo and provided the audiences with insights on the video games gameplays that may become available on their main channel at a later date.

In 2018, the Game Society Pimps started streaming to Twitch. GSP decided to upload their old streams to their second YouTube channel as Twitch deletes their old videos after two weeks.

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In early 2018, due to changes in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the Game Society Pimps' second channel had to reach at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the course of one year (which was effective February 20, 2018) in order for their second channel to qualify for the YPP. The channel shared their concerns on social media and their live shows and their goal was easily met before the February deadline.

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