The following lists and defines terms used by members of Game Society and the fans of Game Society. Please feel free to add new terms and phrases.

A Edit

Angry Hunter - The main character from the series Angry Hunter. The Angry Hunter (played by Emre) and his father (played by Aaron) talks about animal buttholes and other dirty topics.

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Beer and Board Games - A comedy show co-founded and produced by Aaron. See Beer and Board Games Wikia.

Blame Society Film - Originally Blame Society Productions. Founded by Aaron, they created many famous comedy series such as Chad Vader and Beer and Board Games.

Bucket of Pee, Bucket of Poo - A potential YouTube channel jokingly considered by members of Game Society. They have made numerous references to creating this YouTube channel, highlighting the futility in continuing with their own channel. Game Society has complied with YouTube's monetization policies however they feel that YouTube has not kept up with their side of the bargain.

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Cape Date - See Aaron Yonda § Bio (Beer and Board Wikia).

Chad Vader - Chad Vader (Wikipedia) is a comedy series created by Aaron's Blame Society Films.

Chaos Chicken - See Chaos Chicken.

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Diabetes Anderson - Aaron's previous Gamertag on his Xbox. He came up with the name in a Skyrim For Pimps episode.

Disneyland Adventures - See Disneyland Adventures.

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Emre Rage - While Emre is usually well-natured, there have been a few cases where Emre falls into a fit of rage. One example is the infamous 7 Days to Die roof scene, when Aaron loses half of Emre's food and water in a bee corpse and later when Aaron loses all his bullets (Example 1 and Example 2). Emre Rage can also be alcohol induced, as can be evidenced in the Evil Within 2 live stream (Example 3).

Emrebeard - See Emrebeard.

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Farmer pickup lines - Aaron was raised on a farm, causing him to use farmer pickup lines frequently. Example 1

G Edit

Game Society Films - Game Society (2011 - 2012)

Game Society Pimps - Game Society (2012 - 2017)

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Hal Thompson - A character that Aaron plays. Facebook page here.

J Edit

James Society Peach - An alternative name jokingly considered by Game Society Pimps. First referenced in a Watch Dogs live stream. Emre starts questioning whether "Game Society Pimps" was a good name to use (YouTube link). "James Society Peach" was suggested at this moment (YouTube link).

L Edit

Likey-Boi - A term used by Emre to cater to the younger crowd, originated during the live show featuring Evil Within 2 (YouTube link). It is commonly referred to as "Smash that Likey-Boi." The Likey-Boi is the thumbs up button.

Lisa (The Room) - Infamous line from Tommy Wiseau's cult classic The Room. Origin of how it became popular with Game Society is unknown although Game Society has referenced the title in their P.T. gameplay.

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Madison - City in the U.S. where Aaron lives. For unknown reasons, Adam hates the city.

Malort - A Chicago based liquor used to torture Aaron and Emre in the Live Shows. See Live Stream § Recurring Themes and Quotes.

R Edit

Rolphing - Also rolfing. A comedy technique often likened to "word vomiting." Invented by the Blame Society Films, a board game was later created based off of it (Kickstarter page ). The term "rolphing" is explained in detail by the inventors (YouTube link). See Rolphing (Beer and Board Wikia).

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Spiel a little Dota - A line from the song called "DotA" by DJ Basshunter. The phrase was popularized by Game Society fans after Game Society appeared on a Meltdown Shopping Network infomercial.

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Walkenthrough - A video game series created by the Game Society. They feature celebrities such as Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, etc (voiced by Jason Stephens). See Walkenthrough.

Whale Baby - A character from Game Society's P.T. gameplay. Aaron nicknames the baby in the sink "whale baby." The term later becomes Game Society lingo for the YouTube like button. See Likey-Boi.