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Projects Edit

Please feel free to add projects you're working on here.

Projects Objectives Goal Date Discussion Page
7 Days to Die There are countless numbers of episodes that need short descriptions.There are a few characters that appears in the series that do not have an article.Screenshots also helps readers understand the content better. N/A 7 Days to Die Project Discussion
Main Page Adopt the main page so that it is easily accessible for the mobile. N/A
Fallout NV For Pimps Add episode descriptions for all 45 episodes. mid-Dec
Guys Vs Games Add episode descriptions + pages (where necessary) for all 116 episodes. N/A Guys Vs Games Project Discussion
New Project Insert project details

Guidelines and tipsEdit

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  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the Comments section for that article. Use the talk page for discussion on categories.
  • For all other discussions, you can use the Discussions feature.

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