Humongous Nipple (voiced by Aaron Yonda) is the main protagonist of the third season of Fallout For Pimps. She is looking for her son, who was kidnapped 60 years ago while she was cryogenically frozen. She has a tumor that talks to her, named Bruce (Emre Cihangir).

Life Story Edit

Before October 23, 2077 Edit

Humongous Nipple lived "happily" in Sanctuary Height, a Boston suburb, with Nate Nipple, her retired wizard husband and Shaun, her newborn child. A robot servant named Codsworth also tended to the house.

October 23, 2077 Edit

One day, her sickly husband, Nate, runs out the door with Shaun. In suspicion that Nate was running off with her son, Mrs. Nipple chases after Nate and eventually reaches Vault 111, a nuclear bunker. Right before Mrs. Nipple and her family descend via the elevator, a nuclear bomb goes off in the distance. The elevator quickly takes them down to the bunker where the bunker operators instruct them to go into a capsule to get sanitized. However, they are cryogenically frozen.

Sometime after October 23, 2077 Edit

Mrs. Nipple awakens for a few second to watch a group of people wrestle away Shaun and kill her husband in the process. At this moment, Mrs. Nipple decides to get revenge on everyone involved. Unfortunately, she is put back to sleep.

After October 23, 2287 Edit

After being frozen for 210 years, Humongous Nipple is fully awake. She goes back to the little suburban town she used to live in and finds Codsworth continuing to tend to her home. Codsworth recommends she travel to Concord to find more info about her baby boy. On the way to Concord, HN befriends Dogmeat, who immediately gets dressed in goggles and a bandana. Out in Concord, HN helps out a militia man called Preston Garvey, who is senior officer of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Humongous Nipple decides to set up home base in Sanctuary Hills and joins Preston Garvey's "Minute Maid" (most likely Minutemen) in hopes of getting some juice and perhaps look for her son.

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