JWM is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episodes 119 - 139, 140 - 151, and goes by Arch-Paladin Jub in Episdoes 152 - Ongoing. JWM is played by a fan.


Story Edit

JWM is a new recruit that found his way to Aaron's radio tower after it began to broadcast a message about a safe zone called Pleasure Town; a residential area built by Aaron and Emre during after their return from the void. JWM was the first recruit to be killed by Aaron or Emre; it was a test to see if the recruits were willing to die for them. Upon choosing which team to join, Team Aaron or Team Emre, he chose Team Emre along with Kaydalyn. He originally chose Emre because Emre gave him a hat, but he quickly became a devoted follower. Emre, a religious zealot, calls JWM his disciple. JWM may have insight on the void, a rift between worlds.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

JWM's history prior to the zombie apocalypse is a bit muddled. He and several other people were kept in a cellar to keep them safe from the government manborgs by a woman called Granny Omega. She made them review films to learn to identify the manborg propaganda. Granny Omega fled to Ecuador to escape the cyborgs in 1990, but she kept a stash in a coffin next to a church southeast of Pleasure Town.

Arch-Paladin Jub Edit

JWM is referred to as Arch-Paladin Jub in Episodes 152 - Ongoing. Jub speaks like a smoker speaking through a voice box. He oddly has a green swirly mark on his left leg. His back story does not appear to have changed from JWM's, however, he does see the world differently than the others. His vision looks like he is looking through water, even his name tag has a blurry waviness to it. Prior to episode 165, he watched Aaron and Emre go about their actions while invisible and his name tag was an alien lettering that moved: separating and coming back together.

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