Kaydalyn is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episodes 119 - 139, 140 - 151, and goes by High Priestess Kay in Episodes 152 - ongoing. Kaydalyn is played by a fan.


Story Edit

Kaydalyn is a new recruit that found her way to Aaron's radio tower after it began to broadcast a message about a safe zone called Pleasure Town; a residential area built by Aaron and Emre during the zombie apocalypse. Upon choosing which team to join, Team Aaron or Team Emre, she chose Team Emre along with JWM. She is the only female on Emre's Team and voluntarily subject to religious scrutiny.

Kaydalyn is often called Disciple Kay.

Kaydalyn and Metastergo have a close bond. When Team Emre raided Pleasure Shire, Kaydalyn did not fire at Metastergo. She also gets on extremely well with Bwett.

She cares a lot about her team as well. She proved this in one episode by making a deal with their devil, Aaron, in order to get his help to bring Emre to his senses and to break the spell of JWM's wild ramblings.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Kaydalyn was an exotic dancer from Florida. When Kaydalyn discovered that her father was a manborg, she slit his throat.

High Priestess Kay Edit

Kaydalyn is called High Priestess in Episodes 152 - Ongoing. High Priestess Kay comes from a different world than Disciple Kay; Kaydalyn was a stripper, but High Priestess Kay was a prostitute. She appears to have completey accepted the previously mentioned wild ramblings of JWM (Arch-Paladin Jub). She worships the chaos beasts rather than God, declaring God to be false. High Priestess Kay also has a much different demeanor than Kaydalyn. Kaydalyn originally was very sweet and it shocked everyone that she was not a virgin, but High Priestess Kay could never be mistaken for something so innocent. She talks with a sultry voice all the time as though she were in bed with a man and makes many sexual suggestions toward Aaron, Emre, and Bwett, enough that they are more tempted to obey her than they normally would. High Priestess Kay can also see through the reality in which the others and she are in, she can see the blue skies when all anyone else sees is red; however upon entering Hardcore Mordor, she and JWM see the fort tinted in red, as compared to Aaron and Emre.

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