Kinect Garbage is a playlist that contains the videos in which Aaron Yonda plays a multitude of Kinect Games, occasionally with help from Adam Koralik and Emre Cihangir. The primary games they play in this series is Harry Potter. Disneyland Adventures is a very popular series, however, because of the large number of videos, it is not included in this playlist.

Aaron plays the main character with commentary from Adam and/or Emre (exception: "Cabela's Adventure Camp 'Hunting For Kids!'" Emre played the main character, as this was a continuation of the series Angry Hunter). Occasionally, Adam and Emre will take over the game when Aaron gets too tired to continue or is unable to beat the level.

Recurring Themes and Quotes Edit

  • For some reason, every time Aaron plays a Kinect game, he feels the need to take off all of his clothes; this backfires in Disneyland Adventures, where the Kinect takes pictures of the player.
  • The Kinect failing to recognize Aaron's motions, and making the game more difficult than it needs to be.

Episodes Edit

Many of these episodes are continuations of a larger series or are included in a compilation series, such as Guys Vs Games, After Dark, and "Little Girl" Games.

# Title Original
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