Every Wednesday, 7 p.m. Central Time Zone, Game Society streams a two hour show featuring Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir playing a game (it varies with every live stream). In these live stream, fans can interact with each other and Adam Koralik in the live chat and buy shots, get shout outs, and enter into contests to get prizes.

Sometimes, fans pool in money and dare members of Game Society to do certain things within reason. As proof of completing the dare, members in question post Facebook Live videos of the dare. See List of Facebook videos.

The live streams occasionally feature guests Jason Stephens and Brandon Jensen.

After Parties Edit

Aaron, Emre, and Adam interact personally with the fans in the After Party, available by donating a certain amount on Patreon. In the After Parties, the Pimps talk to the patrons and sometimes play with them. Because there are fewer amount of people in the After Parties, everything is more personal, allowing for friendships and even LARP dating.

Recurring Themes and Quotes Edit

  • "Do not quote me" - Emre gets extremely upset whenever someone starts quoting him
  • Getting Banned by GTA
  • Whenever the stream is late, everyone blames Emre, coming up with various reasons why he would be late in the comments

Episodes Edit

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Other streams Edit

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Facebook videos Edit

# Title Original
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See Also Edit

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