Medhathobo is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episode 50 - 71 and Episode 119 - 139. He is played by a fan. Aaron once called him Snippity Snaps.[1]

Story Edit

Medhathobo is a zombie apocalypse survivor who appeared to have joined forces with Aaron and Emre's enemy, SP Cakes. He was first seen running around with another survivor assumed to be The Jade Grue and they started shooting at Aaron and Emre at their fort, The Tower of Solitude. After they create new forts for themselves, Aaron and Emre decide to hunt down the two survivors who have also created their fort.

Medhathobo defends against Aaron and Emre trying to take over their base. After a brief mishap, he and his partner push Aaron and Emre back to their home base.

Years later, medhathobo arrives at Aaron's radio tower with other survivors. He passes the test to become a resident at Pleasure Town and goes to the Super Church to get initiated. Oddly, medhathobo fires a weapon at church and Emre excommunicates him but Aaron asks that he gets another chance. Medhathobo is not seen in Pleasure Town since this incident but is suspected to be the one of the attackers planning a attack on Pleasure Town. The plan involved digging an underground tunnel across Pleasure Town and blowing up the Super Church.



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