Metastergo is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Season 7 (Episodes 119 - 139), Season 8 (Episodes 140 - 151), and Season 9 (Episodes 152 - 175). Metastergo is played by a fan.


Story Edit

Metastergo is a new recruit that found her way to Aaron's radio tower after it began to broadcast a message about a safe zone called Pleasure Town; a residential area built by Aaron and Emre during the zombie apocalypse.  Upon choosing which team to join, Team Aaron or Team Emre, she chose Team Aaron along with Epsilon One and Graskull. She is the only female on Aaron's Team, which has unfortunate implications for her busy role on the team.

Metastergo reluctantly marries Bwett after being left at the alter by JWM and her primary lover, Graskull. Metastergo has shown great disdain for her arranged husband, refusing to consummate the marriage and expressing her dislike for him.

Season 8 (Episodes 140 - 151) Edit

In Episode 147 (Devil Babies), Metastergo and Graskull both become pregnant and pop out super babies.

Towards the end of episode 151- The Holy Stripper, Metastergo transforms and becomes green and buff. Only JWM knows of this.

Season 9 (Episodes 152 - 175) Edit

Pleasure Shire: After Aaron and Emre get sent to the Evilverse, Metastergo is assumed to be dead by everyone but JWM. The other survivors prepare a pyre for her funeral, including plans to burn JWM alive atop it, but a mutated Metastergo emerges from the forest and attacks everyone. JWM declares that he has an idea, but they'll need a lot of saltpeter (potassium nitrate). (Episode 152 - Emre & Aaron Go To Hell)

When we next see Metastergo, her personality has returned to normal, and her physical mutation subsides over the course of several episodes, apparently due to a steady diet of saltpeter.

Evilverse: The fate of Aaron's followers in the Evilverse timeline, including Metastergo, remains a mystery for much of the season. When Aaron is imprisoned in Hardcore Mordor and comes into mental contact with the Once and Future Aaron, the latter is surprised to hear Metastergo's name, dismissing the notion that she might help them with a claim that she "burrowed into the Earth's mantle" years earlier. Confused, Aaron asks if Metastergo turned into a worm, but the Once and Future Aaron does not provide further details. (Episode 168 - Bad Hobbit)

As of episode 173 Meta is revealed to be in the bunker where Graskull and Elfilon reside deep underground, she has become extremely tall she also has grown outwards from her rear end stuck in place unable to move and she leaks 'meta fluid' which Graskull drinks to become resistant to radiation, a side effect of it also turned him into a sort of unstable bomb. Metastergo has given birth to little green mutants. She is being impregnated 24/7 by MetaAaron, a mutant that Zombie Aaron had created. Aaron puts Zombie Aaron's chip into one of her mutant children, the sight of Zombie Aaron angers Metastergo, she then commands the mutants to attack Aaron, Emre, Graskull and Elfilon.

As everyone tries to escape, Graskull sets off the hatch defenses. destroying the way up.

Trivia Edit

Although Aaron alludes that the mutant spawn of Metastergo looks like him, it appears that the models resembles Graskull's player model

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