Michael was a retired man who had a mid-life crisis and bought Hookies, a family restaurant whose only customers are biker gangs.

History Edit

Bad day that led to buying Hookies Edit

It all started when Michael unleashed an exercise ball into the world. Michael hoped the exercise ball would cause a traffic accident but the ball just burst. Soon after, Micheal gets hit by a car as he is standing in the middle of the road. In rage, he hits a poor unsuspecting woman walking down the street. Additionally he calls a house on sale to get back a house with an exercise ball. Without any luck with the call, Micheal goes onto the property and confronts the owner. The owner is wearing toe socks. Michael is offended by this and slaps this man. Michael is chased by a cop and is ultimately wasted.

To feel better Michael decides to buy something. He decides on buying Hookies after he drives by likes that it's shady, unprofitable, and a hangout for *ssholes.

Owner of Hookies Edit

Michael buys Hookies at $600,000.

Soon after, Franny, an employee, texts Michael to congratulates his new ownership.

Michael discovers that Hookies is understaffed and he has to go on a supply run for Hookies himself. He finds out that there may be meth in the food at Hookies and that's why the bikers keep coming back.

In order to get other customers to come to his restaurant, he assaults people, shoots people thinking it is a effective marketing technique.

Sick of his restaurant, Michael decides to destroy his restaurant and files a blimp right into Hookies.

Regret Edit

Michael wants Hookies back after participating in a triathlon and seeing all the sponsorship potential.

Personality Edit

Michael loves to assault people. Even on his vacation he cannot stop knocking into people.

See Also Edit

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