Nikki is a character in the series HuniePop. She is a retro-gaming recluse whose personality makes little sense; she enjoys retro-gaming, and yet she loves MMOs.

Aaron and Emre's reaction Edit

In order for Aaron and Emre to talk to her, they had to play hard to get. They quickly observed the similarities between Nikki and Adam Koralik and thus named her Madame Koralik. In order to answer her questions correctly, Aaron and Emre had to have Adam answer the questions as if they were asking him. Many times while talking to her, Aaron and Emre will yell, "What the f*ck does she want from us!?!" It takes them two failed dates before they could finally date her successfully. They blatantly lie to her, changing answers, as she asks the same questions repeatedly, and she doesn't care. Aaron calls her the "dick-in-the-mud character."

On their fourth date, Aaron and Emre decided they would rather date each other than her (Episode 21 - Worst Date Ever), and described it in great detail...

Madame Koralik Edit

Adam has gotten almost every question of Nikki's correct. Even when he doesn't know things like her favorite season, they answer with Adam's answer, and they get it right almost every time.

  • Adam and Nikki both love retro-gaming
  • Adam and Nikki both love coffee
  • They both love candy and dessert
  • Adam and Nikki both prefer to stay at home
  • Adam and Nikki's favorite season is winter
  • Nikki rarely ever drinks beer, and only at night at a bar or club, while Adam never drinks

Trivia Edit

  • Nikki shares her birthday with Emre's brother, May 13th.
  • Nikki thinks that men should call the girl the same day if he really likes her.
  • Nikki is a liberal.
  • Nikki loves the classic games and hates "FPS bros."
  • Nikki gets the feeling that we aren't alone in the universe.
  • Nikki enjoys art.
  • The advice Kyu gave Aaron and Emre when first meeting Nikki, was to just be themselves.
  • Nikki likes talent and hates sexuality.
  • Nikki only ever drinks when she is at Lusty's Nightclub or the bar at night.
  • Nikki's preferred gift is gaming gifts.
  • Nikki loves candy and dessert.
  • Nikki has gray panties.
Last Name Age Education
Ann-Marie 18 Highschool
Height Weight Occupation
5'0" 104 lbs Barista
Cup Size Birthday Hobby
C May 13th Gaming
Fav Color Fav Season Fav Hangout
Beige Cream Winter Home

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