Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir play the suspense puzzle game "Pony Island." Emre's character, Amanofhighregard, is trapped in limbo in an arcade machine designed by Lucifer. Lucifer also has another person trapped who is trying to help them escape, Hopeless Soul. Hopeless Soul is trapped in the game and is Amanofhighregard's future if he doesn't destroy Lucifer.

In order to escape the game, Emre has to solve many puzzles, with the help of Aaron and Adam Koralik.

When starting the game, the start screen breaks and Amanofhighregard has to put it back together, but then the loading screen fails and he exits the game. Amanofhighregard is then contacted by h0peles$0uL and told of his plight. However, while they are talking, 1U@iF#r (Lucifer) contacts them and forces him to play Pony Island again. Amanofhighregard hacks the game and gets lasers and wings. He works with Hopeless Soul to defeat Lucifer and delete the Core File.

After Amanofhighregard defeats Lucifer the first time, he starts playing the real Pony Island game, where he has to blow away butterflies with his pony breath before they tickle him. Emre plays this despite Aaron's complaints of how boring it is. After a bit, brown butterflies come but when Amanofhighregard tried to blow them away, the pony lasers returned, however the level restarted. After he kills Jesus a few times and the game falls apart, Satan comes to him and begs Emre to stop playing. So, he kills him. Then pony lasers and Lucifer return and he has to fight him again.

In order to free Hopeless Soul, Aaron and Emre had to uninstall the game from Aaron's computer.

Recurring Themes and Quotes Edit

  • Emre giving cunnilingus to lunch ladies while in high school
  • Having to kill Jesus
  • Lucifer complains about how Amanofhighregard cheats by giving himself lasers and wings in order to beat the impossible levels that Lucifer creates for him.
  • The game being a comment of micro-transactions as the game asks if you want to insert your soul to get to various levels.
  • Singing the song "Pony Lasers" whenever pony lasers comes up
    • Consists of saying "Pony Lasers" then some variation of "they are the best of things"

Episodes Edit

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