Presidental Gamers is a comedy series featuring vocal impersonations of United States presidents as they play video games. The show is created by the Game Society and voiced by their friend Jason Stephens.

Barack Obama Edit

The GameSocietyPimps play as then President Obama in various games, including online games, promoting his new healthcare website and asking online players if they have any questions about the presidency. During these videos, he would have the gamer tag HealthcareGOV. He would also do video games to relieve the pressures of life in the White House and (after his term ends) to get away from spending too much time with family.

Jason Stephens, a celebrity impersonator, voices as President Obama. When he is playing games, he is calm and collected, perhaps an accurate representation of the president.

The videos would often start with "Hail to the Chief" playing in the background as President Obama appear to be talking (lip syncing). It would then cut to the video gameplay and sometimes he would appear back in the outro.

In 2017, Dylan and Mike Sprague created an animation short of Obama Plays GTA 5 as a test run to continue making animation shorts on the Game Society channel.[1]

Donald Trump Edit

The GameSocietyPimps also has a series with then Republican Presidential Candidate Trump.

Other presidents Edit

There has been one other impersonation in this series, which was of George W. Bush.

Reception Edit

The series was featured on Kotaku and Time for the novel idea of President Obama playing video games to promote his new health insurance to a young demographic.[2][3]

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