Aaron and Emre reluctantly play the game, Ride to Hell Retribution, a game that got a 19 out of 100 on Metacritic for the PC version, a user score of 1.3 out of 10 and made Wikipedia's list of video games notable for negative reception.[1][2]

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Worst game that also almost destroyed the GameSocietyPimps Edit

This is the worst game according to Aaron and Emre. Below is a transcript of how they feel towards the game and how the game almost destroyed their company.[3][4]

So we're perilously close to playing the game that almost destroyed our company, forever

Ride to Hell Retribution, the worst game ever created by man.

I don't know why we made this an(fan funded) option

I regret it already.

It makes me sick. I don't even remember which buttons to press thinking about that game makes me just want to die, inside. I'm not f*cking playing this up you guys.

No. It's disgusting.

That game really makes me... I'm going to cry.

It's trash.

I'm going to cry right now.

It seems like it was made by people who actually didn't want to make a video game.

The game is so sh*t-tastic, soul draining that...

So we played it a bunch and it was just so bad that we were getting angry (Aaron: at each other.) Not to the game but at each other.

We were just trying to blame each other for how awful we felt. So when we quit, we didn't speak for about five or six hours. We stopped talking to each other. And it was hard. I remember saying something like, "I think that we're not going to be able to do this anymore, you guys. This is too awful."

"This can't be our career."

"We're going to give up on making videos because of this game." So if that's not a bad video game, I don't know what is... It made us realize that if we had to keep playing games like that, we would have to stop having this career.

Despite their warning, they did have to play the game Ride to Hell Rotary Luncheon, since they met their Patreon (fan-funding) goal.

Face Cam Edit

Aaron and Emre play the game with a face-cam for episode 5 and episode 6.

Episodes Edit

Ride to Hell Retribution "Exploding Fences" (E01) - Guys VS Games

Ride to Hell Retribution "Exploding Fences" (E01) - Guys VS Games

Aaron and Emre discover the worst game ever as they begin playing Ride to Hell: Retribution. The plot is fairly confusing to them as they work their way through, because they never played the first Ride to Hell games. Emre runs into fences that mysteriously explode, he sleeps with a prostitute, and gets chased by many men on motorcycles.

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