SP Cakes an antagonist in the series, 7 Days to Die. SP Cakes allegedly became hostile because Aaron and Emre sexually harassed her when they first met, but her true motivations and identity remain hotly contested mysteries. Aaron and Emre have sometimes compared her to a war machine and a territorial animal.

She has two possible companions and she is known to be very powerful. In her first appearance she had standard armor, yet in her next appearance she returned with a terrifying red uniform, now making her more iconic to the more recent subscribers.

SP Cakes never speaks, and the identity of the player portraying her is unknown. In the heat of battle, both Aaron and Emre sometimes confusedly refer to SP Cakes as both "he" and "she."

Episodes 58 - 61 Edit

After surviving a 7th-day horde night, Aaron and Emre return to an earlier temporary base to recover gear they'd left behind. That done, they start breaking down a wooden fence to take it back to their new island base. Chopping down a section of fence, Aaron suddenly and shockingly finds himself face-to-face with a female survivor wearing only metal armor which also obscures her face. Having not seen a woman since the apocalypse, Aaron and Emre immediately freak out, offering the newcomer Sham to eat and then retreating to none-too-quietly argue who will get to have sex with her. When they return to hit on SP Cakes directly, she suddenly whips out a chainsaw and kills them both.

Making excuses to each other for their boorish behavior, Aaron and Emre rush back to find (and hopefully abduct) the mystery woman and reclaim their dropped gear. SP Cakes is waiting for them, and she now pursues them with pipe bombs and a rocket launcher. As Aaron and Emre flee for their lives, they speculate that SP Cakes is insane and probably doesn't speak English.

Emre manages to kill SP Cakes with a shotgun and searches her backpack, obtaining her chainsaw and a huge supply of pipe bombs. Victorious, Aaron and Emre return to their base but soon discover that SP Cakes has followed them. Aaron and Emre engage in a lengthy running battle with the strange woman, who now utilizes a seemingly limitless supply of rockets and bedrolls. They eventually succeed at driving off SP Cakes through a battle of attrition, but the fight leaves their base mangled.

Searching for SP Cakes in the surrounding woods, Aaron and Emre lament the wasted potential of what they could achieve if only SP Cakes would "procreate" with them. Aaron speculates that SP Cakes' endless arsenal means she must have run a military base, while Emre proposes that she must not be working alone.

The next day (which Aaron claims is his birthday), Aaron and Emre track SP Cakes back to a huge fort designed like a strange, hollow glass tower built over a massive pit, lined with TNT and surrounded by land mines. SP Cakes is once again lying in wait, resulting in another lengthy battle which grows even more frantic as the countless explosions lure in ever-growing hordes of zombies.

Strangely, during the battle, Emre suddenly falls through the ground into the Void. He rescues himself by lighting a pipe bomb and letting it explode in his hand, which spawns him back on his bedroll.

Unable to permanently kill SP Cakes, Emre theorizes that the only way to stop her is to doggedly destroy all of her bedrolls until she can no longer spawn back into the world. SP Cakes goes to ground, and Aaron and Emre completely demolish her base.

Flush with victory, Aaron and Emre return home, only to discover that SP Cakes has booby-trapped their island fort with a huge amount of TNT. Aaron reveals that he's had second thoughts, and that what he and Emre initially said to SP Cakes may have been "iffy." They quickly agree that she's just a jerk, however. Emre manages to sneak back into their fort, but SP Cakes immediately detonates the TNT, killing him. The wreckage collapses on top of Aaron, killing him as well.

SP Cakes reappears and continues to stalk Aaron and Emre, with another extended battle now luring hordes of zombies to the "charred bones" of the island fort. Eventually Aaron and Emre again focus on picking up all of SP Cakes's sleeping bags, and she finally retreats. Sadly, the battle leaves Aaron and Emre with depleted supplies and a destroyed fort surrounded by hidden land mines.

Despite the destruction, when SP Cakes finally leaves Aaron literally jumps with joy and somehow starts flying. Emre brings him back down to earth with a rocket.

Episodes 125 - 130 Edit

After a long absence, SP Cakes suddenly returns by launching a surprise attack on Pleasure Town, destroying Emre's already-damaged Super Church in a massive, time-distorting explosion (Episode 125). Exploration of the crater reveals that she had secretly excavated a simple base of operations under the town, where she had installed technology similar to Aaron's time machine.

Following the initial attack, SP Cakes engages in an extended assault on Aaron, Emre, and their new followers. As before, she seems to have unlimited resources, peppering the surrounding fields with land mines and raining a barrage of rockets down on the town.

Now, however, SP Cakes also exhibits seemingly supernatural powers, including flight, phasing through solid matter, and the ability to summon swarms of bears, pigs, and zombies. This results in Aaron and Emre arguing over whether SP Cakes' new powers are technological or supernatural in origin. Despite her powers, she does remain vulnerable to harm, as Emre manages to (temporarily) kill her during a brief encounter in Aaron's house.

During the attack, SP Cakes blows up the radio tower Aaron had used to draw new recruits, interrupts the wedding of Bwett and Metastergo, and possibly appears to a bedridden, painkiller-addled Graskull as a "Dark Lady" who spares him but drops off a vicious zombie dog.

While most of the survivors scramble to fight back, Epsilon One tracks SP Cakes back to her base at a wintry cabin, which the survivors dub SP Cakes Mountain. Following SP Cakes into her lair, a vast underground vault, Aaron and Emre realize they've been lured into one final trap, as they and their companions are forced to defend themselves against a night-long siege of spider zombies, zombie dogs, and SP Cakes's hit-and-run attacks.

In the end, SP Cakes seemingly relents, allowing the survivors to retreat back to the surface, but then sends them running with a final swarm of bears.


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