Scribblenauts is a comedy series featuring Aaron and Emre as they hilariously play the game Scribblenauts Unlimited and later Scribblenauts Unmasked for the Wii U. In this game, they play as Maxwell, the problem-solving protagonist who has a "scribble" based solution to every problem. Aaron and Emre must think of words that might help the situation and input that word into the game which renders into a "scribbled" version of that word.

Story wise (in the GameSocietyPimps version), Maxwell is helping people out in hopes that her sister, Lily, is cured of her STD she contracted from f*cking too many sailors.

Scribblenauts series is part of the Guys Vs Games lineup.

Main Characters Edit

  • Maxwell
  • Uni-cock

Characters Edit

  • Batman
  • Cape Date
  • Chocolate Hipster Dragon
  • Date Capist
  • Fascinating Madness-Engulfed Goat
  • Harmless Armless Legless Grandfather
  • Lily
  • Poindexter
  • Sacrificial Jeff
  • Superman

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Dark Chocolate Hipster Dragon being too cool
  • Sacrificial Jeff sacrificed to solve problems
  • Baboons are the trump card to solving any problem

Film editing Edit

  • Some of the videos feature an intro where a voice yells, "let's get ready to scribble!" similar to the way one would say, "let's get ready to rumble."
  • Some of the videos have an outro where a scribbled character fights another scribbled character. E.g. Justin Bieber vs Chocolate Hipster Dragon

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Scribblenauts Season 1 REMASTERED - Game Society01:16:42

Scribblenauts Season 1 REMASTERED - Game Society

Season 1 follows Maxwell and Unicock on their adventures. Maxwell attempts to save his sister from her STD. In the process, he creates many creatures and "solutions" to the various problems that he is faced with. Unicock, instead of solving the problems, will create a person to solve the problem for him. Unicock's cock, when he gets enraged, grows and reddens until he calms down again.
# Title Original
YouTube Link

Season 2 Edit

Scribblenauts Season 2 REMASTERED - Game Society36:18

Scribblenauts Season 2 REMASTERED - Game Society

Season 2 follows Maxwell through the DC Universe. He and Lily have to save Batman and the rest of the Justice League and stop Doppelganger, Brainiac, and Lex Luther. Maxwell creates a new superhero, called Cape Date. He is a man dressed in green with a cape and mullet. He does very little damage and dies rather quickly. His bizarro self, Date Capist, does more damage and has dies slower than his counterpart; however, he is still rather simple-minded, Maxwell was easily able to evade him by go to the next level, Date Capist was unable to figure out how to get around the barrier.
# Title Original
YouTube Link

Note: The order in which these videos are listed here are based on the YouTube playlist made by the GameSocietyPimps. The list is not in chronological order.

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