During Thrusty Puss' first visit to Little Lamplight, she ran into Sticky who asked her to take him to Big Town. Although she ignores him at first, she eventually agrees simply because she had nothing else to do. In return for this favor he promised Thrusty caps from his girlfriend Red. Throughout their trip to Big Town, Sticky continuously annoys Thrusty. His main method of doing this was telling Thrusty the same lame story over and over again. Sticky died during a fireworks "accident" caused by Thrusty.


  • Sticky's origins is revealed during, Fallout for Pimps - "Sticky Accident" 1-33, through a 911 call between Sticky and two 911 operators. 
  • Sticky was one of the handful of people whom Thrusty killed in a vision.
  • Sticky used the Highwayman's Friend during his time with Thrusty.
  • Sticky tends to tell stories that no one cares about while traveling.

911 Transcript Edit

Fallout for Pimps - "Sticky Accident" 1-3313:10

Fallout for Pimps - "Sticky Accident" 1-33

911, hello?
Uh, yeah, this is 911, state your name please.
Everything is all sticky! I think it's uh-ecotplasm
Slow down a minute sir, so your name is Sticky?
What? No. I was just-
Okay, Sticky, go ahead, what's your emergency?
K, Well I woke up this morning and I was covered in goo, ya know?
Oh my god, that's disgusting.
It's kinda warm and it smells weird.
*retching sounds
What, what's wrong?
Oh, sorry, go ahead, please.
I was having a dream that, ya know, like, my favorite slipper, like I-I fell down onto it and my penis kinda went inside of it accidentally.
*Retching sounds
Kinda rubbed it up and down. Does this help you?
Uh- No- uh- hold -hold- please hold for a second.
*beeping sound* Uh 911, this is 911.
Hello? Yes?
I just got a call from some kid named Sticky, I think he came all over himself! *gasping and retching noises
Oh God! *Retching
I'm vomiting uncontrollably, what should I do?
That's horrible! *Retching* Wait- wait a second!

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