Just a thought to what I think should and shouldn't be added to the wiki. This is of course my personal opinion and is certainly open to discussion.

Fallout For Pimps (FFP) and Skyrim For Pimps (SFP)

Because of the nature of Skyrim and Fallout (open world role-playing games) as the series progresses the main characters will inevitably meet many characters and go many places on their various journeys.

Now we, as catalogers of their various stories, are faced with a choice. Do we take the time to make a page for every single insignificant character that the main characters set eyes on or give a passing nod to, inevitably turning the wiki into Fallout/Skyrim Wiki - Game Society Pimps Edition, or do we filter who to add and who not to add, keeping created pages strictly relevant to the main stories of each main character?

I don't know. As the wiki grows there is certainly room to do the later and devote time to creating pages for everyone. However, as the wiki is currently small and their isn't a large editor base I think we have to use our judgements and do the former, filter the pages and keep them strictly relevant.

So who to add then?

My rule is if it a Game Society Pimps specific character then they deserve a page. That would include any characters that GSP modded into the games, anyone not found in the default, vanilla games.

Also if the character is remarkably different to their default, vanilla character (I will use Paarthurnax in Skyrim For Pimps as my example) then they, to, deserve pages.

Followers and companions to the main characters will get pages, irregardless of importance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if in fact anyone does read this, and remember to keep edits to a high quality.

KhevaKins (talk) 22:08, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

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