Yakuza 0 For Pimps is an ongoing series following the life of Emre-chan, who trying to quit the restaurant business after stealing a buzzer. The series takes place in a game called Yakuza 0, developed and published by Sega. Emre Cihangir plays as the main character Emre-chan and Aaron Yonda voices over the rest of the characters Emre-chan interacts with.

The story is a fantasy that takes place in Japan during the 80s. Emre-chan is working in the family restaurant industry. Things go wrong however, when he accidentally steals a restaurant buzzer and becomes a wanted man by his family restaurant mafia overlords. The top players are a bunch of American companies trying to expand into the Japanese market: Ben*h@nа, which also operates Japanese Chil*'s and is trying to open Japanese Appl*bees (unfortunately branding themselves as Japplebees), Olive Zen Garden, and Outback Stakedojo. Now that he's wanted, Emre-chan wants to quit the industry and create his own venture but they won't let him.

The story follows Emre-chan's battle against the powerful family restaurant mafia.

Note: All restaurant branding has been removed from this page.


Emre voices the main character and Aaron voices all of the supporting characters.

  • Emre-chan (Kiryu) - Main character working at Ben*h@nа and grew up under the care of Kashiwagi
  • Nishikiyama - Emre-chan's childhood friend
  • Kashiwagi - Emre-chan's guardian who runs Japanese Chil*'s
  • Bacchus - First introduced as the "Aging Foreigner," he occasionally pops up in front of Emre-chan to help him become a powerful fighter.
  • Yonda (Yoneda) - Working for Ben*h@nа, Yonda tries to beat Emre-chan for trying to quit the restaurant but gets beat up instead. He has quite the temper, which was attributed to working hard.
  • Miss Tatsu - A friend of Bacchus who is a slugger and shows Emre-chan powerful moves that aid him in his fights

Editing Style Edit

Yakuza 0 For Pimps has had a different editing style than many of the other Game Society "For Pimps" series. While editing, Emre included scenes that would normally have been cut, such as Aaron and Emre ordering Indian take-out or Adam talking over them with random facts and correcting every ignorant thing Aaron and Emre might say.

Episodes Edit

The Best Night Ever - Yakuza Zero For Pimps (E14)16:27

The Best Night Ever - Yakuza Zero For Pimps (E14)

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